Photography projects for clicking striking photos!

Photography  projects for clicking striking photos!

Photography  projects for clicking striking photos!. Undertaking photography projects is a great way to give that extra edge to your photography skills when you are not doing any work. At least it is better than editing old images which can be quite uninspiring at times.


When you undertake a photography project, you need to go out and search for locations, inspiring subjects to click interesting pictures. This will quench your thirst for photography, as you will be constantly on the move, always looking out for arresting concepts in the midst of mundane life. This photography projects can last for several years or it may get over in a few months or in a single day as well. Choose a mixed bag so that you are always on the go with your creativity skills being in constant use.

If at any point of time, you lose interest in the project, be aware to let go of it. Don’t just carry on. The photos will not come out well and the entire effort will seem dull and dreary. Photography projects are supposed to be fun, at the spur of the moment if you wish to catch the vibe.

We have discussed 5 different kinds of photography projects that you can try out.

Photography Project Idea 1 #Concentrate on Local environmental portraits:

You will be amazed at the vast sea of opportunities that you will come across. Most of us don’t pay much attention to the things around us. But when you opt for a local environmental project, you will start observing everything in a new light.  Pick a specific theme – be it work, leisure, park and so on. Once the word of your project spreads, you will see that many people are interested to get photographed in their daily settings. At the end of the project you would have already met many new peoples you never knew resided in your locality.

Photography Project Idea 2 #Windows and doors are a great concept:

No matter wherever you go, you will come across doors and windows. They are practically everywhere. And for interesting clicks, visit old warehouses, themed restaurants, and old rickety buildings. The settings are such in these places that you will be pumped up to click great photos. The more you travel, the more you will come across different styles of windows and doors. Go ahead and give in to the adventure bug.

Photography Project Idea 3 #be a part of On-going documentary:

Ongoing documentary is a great place to try out your photography skills. Pick a different topic that is alien to you, something that will hold your interest. Click images of a wedding dinner dance or a local rugby match. Introduce yourself to them and start visiting them to click the photos. These types of photos often find pride of place in the local exhibition.

Photography Project Idea 4 #shoot from the hip:

Hang your camera till your hip level and start clicking to get interesting images. Instead of looking through the view finder click in an upward direction so that your subjects are not aware of it. Trust me; you will be gifted with candid photos with interesting perspectives.

Photography Project Idea 5#City Swap:

Instead of limiting your knowledge to your comfort zone, start travelling. Travel to another city and get acquainted to the city through your camera. Click candid shots of people, animals, scenery, and interesting monuments and so on. The fact that you are new to the city will add to the appeal and you will get the zeal to explore the city in a new light altogether compared to a regular tourist.

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