Physical intimacy is a very important part of a relationship

Physical intimacy is a very important part of a relationship.

It is sometimes awkward to get into physical intimacy soon after marriage. But with various new vibrators and toys it has become easier. It will helps the couple to enhance their intimacy. In a survey it has been shown that almost 37 out of 100 couple use such sex toys and vibrators. Many a people still think that these tools may not be good for health. But this is a myth. Using such toys never affect your health or biological system.

Physical intimacy

There are many a companies that manufacture such sex toys for the couples. Both men and women can use them as these companies offer different types and sets of sex toys for men and women.

What is a sex toy?

Sex toys or vibrators are battery-driven tools that help a couple to get intimate . Intercourse is not only a physical but mental activity as well. It is not necessary for a partner to feel the same way as his partner is feeling. In 90% cases women feel shy while intercourse. These tools are used to make them comfortable and enhance the physical crave for the same. Many a men don’t like the vibrators as they consider it as extra package during their personal moments. But they don’t replace husbands’ presence.

Why do couples need vibrators?

Sex toys are not something that you need every time you get intimate. But it definitely enhances the intimacy as it helps men, women or both to have orgasm faster than normal. Many couple have a thought using such tools can destroy the pleasure. Also not good for physical intimacy as they are artificial. But this isn’t a true fact.

Vibrator can be a help to start orgasm. Especially for the women who are tend to be shy at the first place even when they are ready for the intercourse. For the men as well it can work as the simulator to reach their orgasm. Also studies say, husbands often get confused whether to use vibrators on wives or not. As she can get addicted to it. Then let me clear you, that is not possible as nothing can give her more pleasure than the touch of her husband.

Types of sex vibrators that can be used for physical intimacy:

There are a lot of toys that are available in any drug store or online. Toys come with different shapes and features as they are designed for men and women. Here is a list of 3 types of vibrators that can be purchased and used during intercourse.

Ultra Pleasure Ring


• Pleasure ring is a type of vibrator that comes in circle shape. This is manufactured for the men. It is a ring that men can wear in penis during the intercourse.

• This is battery-driven object. The battery is rechargeable and this is a reusable product. It can be used with or without condoms. The machine can work up to 30 minutes long.


• It can be used on full body of your partner. There is no risk involved with this sex toy. Make sure if you use condom then wear the condom first then the ring. So that the condom will not get damaged or destroyed during its use.

Play Vibrations


• Play vibration is also a ring-type vibrator that a man can use. Like the ultra pleasure ring, this does not give 30 minutes of pleasure. It provide at the max 20 minutes of quiver for the man.

• The toy is waterproof and has smooth covering so that it does not harm the skin or body parts. It can be used with or without condoms.

• Vibration comes with rechargeable battery. It needs little lubricant to use it; you can use it without it as well. But lubricating makes it more useful than dry.


• This is a wearable vibrator. Wear it as a ring on your penis. If you are using condom, then wear it before the ring so that the condom does not get affected by using this toy.

Little Devil


• Little Devil is a wearable for the men. But this can be used in both male and female bodies. It is a vibration ring that comes with devil horns on the top of it. These horns help the female to get stimulated.

• Little devil needs batteries to operate this sex toy. It is rechargeable and can be used more than one time. The machine will be worn by the male on to his penis.

• The horns will start stimulating the female clitoris once it is switched on along with the male body. As the toy is attached to the male body it will be easier for the male to get stimulation faster.


• It is waterproof and does not need any lubrication. But you can use any lubricant with it for betterment. While using vibrator, the male has to be careful that it must touch the female body.

• It can be used with or without condoms. If you are using condoms then wear them before applying the little devil. The condom does not get damaged.

• While wearing this vibrator, make sure the horns must be on the top surface. If it gets dislocated, the vibrator may not work on the female body at the same time.

Things to know about sex toys:

• These toys are not considered as the contraceptive or protection. They are a set of machines that can be used to enhance your intimacy with your partner.

• Many a people use such toys to have mere fun during intercourse. These tools prolong the process of having physical connection with your partner.

• They are available online and can be purchased from any drug store as well. Those vibrators which are not rechargeable, the batteries can be removed.

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