PIPILI : A Heart Capturing Art Piece of Oddissa.

PIPILI : A Heart Capturing Art Piece of Oddissa.

PIPILIOne of the popular Indian traditional art form is Pipili which is a colorful appliqué work and its traces were found from the origins of temple festivals. The traditional art-form got its name from the small village named Pipili, which lies in between Bhubaneswar and Puri which is well known as home place of Lord Jagannath to many. One of the interesting features of this art form is that though it is worked in small village but it is exported world-wide.

The vibrant and attractive colors used in these pieces of art can make anybody loose their heart to them. They have in fact just that mesmerizing impact on one and all. In short it can be described as converting dreams into realities. Just imagine anything and with this art work it can be made alive. Not-to-mention, that, it depicts the intricate images of animals, flowers, birds, triangles and the God as well.

The artisans are such an expert that they can weave your thoughts as well. In Puri, there run numerous shops selling this appliqué work nicely depicted on handbags, bed sheet, canopies, pillow cover, umbrella, purses and wall hangings. It also acts as a hub of business to overseas countries.

The resident of Pipili who are engaged in this work are known as “Darjees” ( tailors) almost the craftsmen are found in every house as they have inherited this craft from their ancestors. As per a belief the darjees have learned this attractive appliqué art pieces in early 12th century. One very interesting story behind this talent is that King Anantavaraman Chodaganga Devi who was the ruler at that time builds an outstanding Jagannath temple in Puri and deity has served as an inspiration of this appliqué craft work.


Apart from this, the heart capturing art work was an integral part of festivals and those colorful umbrellas have crossed the boundaries of the village and make their way to beach, resorts and hotels. The crafts man broaden their creativity horizon from curtains and wall spreads to table mats, cushion, pillow covers, vanity bags and fans which can are used at homes.

One of the most astounding facts which add on to its beauty is the use of those vibrant and striking colors matched with designs. Needless to say, that it presents a perfect picturesque with striking greens, blues, reds, whites and black constituting the back ground. One can easily imagine what a wonderful picture it will be then.


There is complete perfection in this creativity. The work is done with ease. No matter how tiny is the piece it will be worked with proper planning? Firstly the design is made on the cloth then matching the intricacy the small pieces are cut according to the desired pieces. Then these pieces are placed on the background to match the design. It is then followed by stitching each piece with hand on to the background with very thin thread. Then the master craftsman adds finishing touch to this simple piece of cloth and turns it to the appealing piece of art, which is now ready to dispatch.

These appliquéd art pieces make wonderful souvenirs which are easy to fit in your pocket range. They are not at all expensive and undoubtedly you don’t have to get disappointed on its cost price. Needless to say it’s one of the most alluring and heart capturing appliqué work which will take you to the land of hardworking craftsman possessing the unique quality of winning hearts of visitors.

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