Planting Mullein In The Garden: One Unforgettable Gardening Event

Have you ever felt the best “don’t sweat the little things“? My mom said it so much, and she says it all the time, that it has become a guiding principle in our family. When it comes to gardening, I always have this saying in the back of my mind. For me, it means gardening should be fun and not too technical, which generally means that it takes a lot to get excited, until an unforgettable moment in the garden.

Mullein Plant Fiasco

This particular gardening mistake (of which I have had many) took a couple of years. It all started with my sister’s garden. It is an extraordinary gardener with a huge courtyard full of all the usual suspects and many surprises. One of his most unique plants was a huge six-foot specimen he called mullein. It had soft, velvety leaves and an imposing flower head of yellow blooms. “I want one.” I said.

Planting Mullein In The Garden: One Unforgettable Gardening Event
Planting Mullein In The Garden: One Unforgettable Gardening Event

Shortly thereafter he brought a small velvety rosette of a plant, a first year mullein. Mullein are biennial and do not bloom until the second year. So I found a place in the sun and threw mullein inside. I didn’t think about it until the following year, when I was scared of my own six-foot mullein plant. It may be nice but …

Fast forward another couple of years. I noticed that once some mullein plants had become a dozen or more … in one place and a dozen in another and so on. Obviously, I would have to cut the flower head before it went to sow because now what was once a really cold specimen was now irrevocably a weed, or rather weeds, plural. To be honest, it’s all a bit embarrassing and shows off my lack of knowledge and, ahem, laziness.

Throughout my life as a gardener, I have discovered that the smallest mistakes, such as not removing the spent flower head, can turn into an unforgettable event in the garden. However, I continue to consider gardening as a scientific experiment conducted by a lazy and mad scientist: moi.

I just got back to my mantra of “don’t sweat the little things“While I dug mullein after mullein after mullein, of course this will not be my last awkward garden moment.

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