The pros and cons of using Bellami hair

The pros and cons of using Bellami hair

Hair extensions can be fun if the right way. These hair extensions come in several shapes and sizes. However, you can only wear boojee hair or bellami hair if you know how to do it right. So before buying it you must know about it. If you are here, chances are that you have already thought about buying the bellami hair.

Bellami hair

In that case, let me tell you that you have come across the right kind of hair extension. However, there are still many things which you must know before buying it. As of now, there are thousands of YouTube reviewers and makeup artists who are recommending kanekalon hair.

So how long do they last?

Simply put, how tangible are they? Do they tear off easily? You may have come across reviews saying that they shed a lot and that they are too tangible. The reality is that when you are buying a bellami hair you have to be careful of the retail quality. If the seller has reviewed bad reviews you should not buy them.

You can enjoy hair products, but so long as they are bad for your hair, you must steer clear of them. This is one condition of using this hair. You can also go ahead and get yourself one – but only from the best s.

 Do they tangle?

Many hair care products in the market today have this grave issue – tangling. But Bellami hair is free of this one very serious problem. If you want hair that is very smooth and will actually stay that way then Bellami hair is the way to go.

These hairs do not tangle because they do not use artificial hair which often tends to break off. They use real human hair. Now before you freak you let me tell you these hair are made usable before they are sold off.

These Marley hair extensions do not tangle and do not cause any irritation when worn. This is because they are made with Remy’s hair. They are natural and well groomed to ensure that they stay put for the longest time when worn.

How long do they last?

With proper care these should serve you for 13 to 22 months with ease. Make sure that you take care of them though. Don’t dispose them in just about any place after you use them. Also, each of the directions for the Bellami hair is different. Make sure you read the directions that are written on the package to increase their shelf life.

Strands shedding and itching

According to the users, Bellami hair sheds 3 to 6 strands a day – this is totally normal. Unlike many of the other hair that shed easily, Bellami hair won’t. The best part about is that the clips are weft together in such a way that you can wear them easily. You won’t get that uncomfortable feeling on your scalp.

It is a good choice for those who have sensitive scalps or who cannot tolerate some products,. You can easily wear it and move off to work.

Bellami Hair Pros and Cons

The pros of using Bellami hair

  • The hair is thick from the root to the tip: If you have heard it, you have hard right. This type of hair is actually very smooth throughout. It actually has the right consistency throughout the hair from root to tip.
  • It helps keep your curls: These extensions hold curl better than the original hair in many cases – although it depends on your hair thickness. But these hairs are extremely good in holding your curls. Some have reported not even needing to spray through.
  • The clips usually stay in place: the clips are a major deciding factor while choosing your hair. The best part about the Bellami Hair is that the clips always stay in place. It is a huge plus point.

Cons of Bellami Hair

  • You need to brush it regularly: Yes, you need to care for them for them to remain proper. Since these are made with real hair, they have to be cared for like regular hair itself. If you regularly carry a hairbrush with you, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Wearing them all day isn’t feasible: This is because at some point in the time your head hurts. The clips being as effective as they are, they stick to your head and even though they won’t come out, they’re strong.

Of course, the pros are more than the cons. You can totally go ahead and rock them at any event.


Depending on the product you buy, the hair will be fluffy or thin. However, most people use it to add bounce to their hair and it works. You can go with it if you want a simple enhancer. It has the best effects on you if you want to get more volume.

The hair is natural looking – since it is not artificial hair it will look like your natural hair itself. This is a big relief for those who want to wear it on a regular basis.


Here are a few more things you might have missed:

Sl. No.
1 Extension shelf life 13 to 22 months
2 It usually comes in a pack of ` 120g 18 inch extensions
3 The larger pack comes in 220g 22 inch extension
4 Average number of strand loss 3 to 6 per day

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