5 Major pros of using depilatory cream

The pros of using depilatory cream

Depilatory cream or hair removal creams are very common today. Be it men’s grooming or women’s; hair removal creams are being used today. So over the past few years, hair removal creams have developed. Many companies are using diverse elements to make them better than other ways. In earlier times there used to the only cream. But now there is gel, sprays, lotions, and powders as well that can be used for the same. They come with various fragrances to make it even better.

Depilatory cream
Depilatory cream

How do depilatory work?

Depilatories cream has specific types of chemicals that react with the hair. They are made of such particles that do not damage your skin in any way. The composition of these creams are as follows:

The composition of hair removal cream:

  • Keratin is a protein type that makes the hair healthy and composed. In the human body, keratin is the main element in hair that must be broken to dissolve the hair from the skin surface. In almost every hair removal cream, they use alkaline chemicals. That makes the keratin break, and hence the hair gets dissolved.
  • Sometimes the depilatory is being made of another acid called Thioglycolic Acid. This acid type contains calcium and sodium. These elements help the cream to weaken the hair as it breaks the keratin protein.

How to use hair removal cream?

  • Whether you are using cream, lotion or spray the rule for using it is almost the same. To remove your hair from your skin surface, clean and dry the place. Apply the cream on the surface with the spatula that comes with the packet of the cream.
  • Keep the cream on your skin for 7 to 10 minutes. Make sure not to keep it more than 15 minutes. You will see the hair looked bit softer and crushed once you notice that your hair is ready to be removed.
  • Take a sponge or damp cotton or piece of soft cloth. Wipe off the depilatory. Maintain mild pressure on the skin so that all the tiny hair goes off. Don’t scratch or mess around up the cream. Wipe it off and get smooth and hair-free skin.

Advantages of Hair Removal Cream

There are a bunch of benefits of using depilatory cream. That make people use it more and more with each passing day.


Hair removal creams are not the only way to get rid of extra hair growth in the body. There are other methods too such as waxing, shaving, and threading. Comparing these three methods with a hair removal cream. Later is much lesser painful than the other three.

  • Shaving: Shaving is natural, but it is painful. A moment of carelessness can harm the skin. On the other, the most significant advantage of shaving is the hair becomes hard and it starts growing inward. After using razor 2-3 times, you will have inward hair growth that will show up on the skin.
  • Waxing: This is the most painful method among all. In waxing, you spread the warm liquid wax on the skin. After a few seconds when the hair particles stick to the wax, you wipe it off with a particular paper. It is quite painful at the time of wiping off the hair; the skin gets affected. For the people who have sensitive skin may have rashes as well.
  • Threading: It is not only painful but also time-to consume. A thread can be done for a small surface such as eyebrows or upper lips. But for hands, legs, chest, and back it will take a whole lot of time. Also, it needs specialized training. Not everyone can o threading at home.
Depilatory cream
Depilatory cream

No special training needed:

Be it waxing or threading, in both the methods, particular skill is needed. Not anyone can perform this at home or in casual time. One has to learn how to apply them then only she/he can use it. But in the case of Depilatories, one does not need any particular skill. It can be applied at home.

Easy and time-saving:

Depilatory is easy to use. It does not need any specialized training like waxing or threading to do at home. Anyone can use this t any time as per their need. Unlike waxing, it does not need to be heated or something like that. All you need is to apply on a skin surface, let it dry for a few minutes. And wipe it off with a damp piece of cloth or cotton or a sponge. This process takes 15 minutes. Anytime while going for office or college or going out for a date, you need 15-10 minutes to get rid of extra hair.

Cheap compared to other methods:

  • Wax is costlier among all the methods. You need to buy the cold Wax, waxing papers and also a heater to melt the wax to use. Razor comes alone but can’t be used for a longer time as it loses its sharpness soon. Also, it needs shaving cream or foam, after shave lotions and blades as well.
  • On the other depilatory cream comes in a bottle that lasts longer than the razor. Threads and tweezers are cheaper, but as said earlier it takes a whole lot of time. And special training for threading to try it at home.

Diverse fragrance

Gone are those days when these creams used to get chemical odors. Now they come with different scents such as rose, neem, and others. This helps you to get rid of the active chemical odor.

Made for different skin types

Though depilatory cream does not affect the skin. And reacts only with the keratin protein. Still, manufacturers take extra care to plan the creams. They use different elements to suit diverse skin types such as dry, oily or natural skin.

Hair removal creams are much popular not only among girls but men as well. The reason behind this is the great advantages these creams have. Almost 85% of the new generation is picking up depilatories over razor or wax.

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