Red Bull Magnitude Is the First-Ever All-Women’s Big-Wave Surf Contest

It was determined to be an important winter for large wave surfing of women. The skill, experience, and numbers of heavily water-charging women — combined with a movement for true equality around the world — is the ideal combo for women in sports to swell.

The Queen was announced by Red Bull, the first-lady, big-wave event at the famous Vemia Bay on the northern coast of Ohio. A global epidemic had other plans. At the end of the summer, the event’s directors decided to take the plug out of safety concerns.

Can’t be resisted, the organizers went back to the drawing board and came back with an optional event — Red Bull Magnitude — a submission-based competition that maintains women the opportunity to compete in big waves this winter.

Red Bull selected two dozen female Chargers and invited them to push their own range with a purse of $ 40,000 stationed in the airspace, and especially when the female crew stationed in the airplane were in the Pacific Ocean. Calls for women to shoot.

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Keila Kenley paddles into a bomb.“It’s a new kind of competition, and one that I think is uniquely positioned to highlight the best and comers in the world of surfing,” says Makani Edric, a North Shore surfer who has been 16 since. Weimia is surfing. Years old. “The reality is that the boundaries around traditional big-wave contestants don’t really allow them to show who can be surfing at the highest level for an entire season – rather, they only perform a moment in time. And make it harder to get new people. Saw. That opens up the game and changes the game.

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“High profile contestants are Kela Kennelly and Paige Alms. Kennelly is a former World Tour surfer who has surfed extensively around the world for the past ten years, while the alms won both the Red Bull Big Wave Awards Women’s Biggest Paddle-In and Jaws Big Wave awards last year. But there are a handful of underground chargers that will have an overall performance of $ 25,000, as well as the opportunity to take the runner-up, Best Ride, and the largest wave category ($ 5,000 each).
Wrenna Delgado, Remi Nealon, Raquel Heckert, Sheila Lee, and Siri Masterson are just a few of the women who will compete this winter.
Wrenna Delgado, Remi Nealon, Raquel Heckert, Sheila Lee, and Siri Masterson are just a few of the women who will compete this winter. Courtesy of Red Bull

Notably absent from the list is Maya Gabira, who has dedicated herself to riding supernatural waves in Nazi, Portugal.

The judges are three-time Surfer Poll winner, Rochelle Ballard; Pipe, the first woman in the history of Betty Depolito; Multiple XXL Award winners, Mark Healy; And the elite waterman, Kai Lenny.

Contestants will be from December 1 to February 28 to hunt the biggest drops throughout Hawaii. And a large-scale Northwest Swell has already poured into Hawaii to begin the show.

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