Reduce Unwanted Facial Hair Growth with Vaniqa

Reduce Unwanted Facial Hair Growth with Vaniqa

Are you worried seeing unwanted hair growth on your face? Do you feel embarrassed seeing the unwanted hair growth on your face? And do not want to go out thinking that people might laugh at you? One of the most attractive things on a female’s body is her face. If you have certain blemishes on her face, then your beauty is robbed.  Vaniqa cream is a solution you have at hand that will help in reducing the growth of unwanted hair on your face.

About Vaniqa

Vaniqa is an FDA approved over the counter cream that works very well in removing unwanted hair on your on your face and areas under the chin. You need to limit its usage only to the affected areas. It has unique ingredients that will help in slowing facial hair growth. It improves the appearance of the skin after a few applications. This product will start to show its effectiveness as early as 4 to 8 weeks upon regular use (twice a day).



This cream is available only on prescription and you should use it as directed by your physician. It will help in reducing the growth of unwanted hair on face, but will not help in permanently removing the facial hair. The cream works better and shows great results if it is used with any of the hair removal techniques that you are trying out. Vaniqa contains eflornithine hydrochloride, which is found to be effective in reducing unwanted facial hair. If you experience any skin irritations after using this cream, then it is advised to reduce the frequency of application of the cream and change it to one application in a day. If the patient still feels irritation, then she is advised to discontinue using the cream.  

Vaniqa IMAGE
Vaniqa IMAGE

The following is the procedure to use this cream:

  • Apply a thin layer of Vaniqa cream on the facial areas where you see unwanted hair growth and rub it thoroughly on the skin.
  • Leave it on your skin for about four hours and only wash it off after that.
  • Repeat this application twice a day with at least 8 hour interval between the applications.
  • The medicine cream will show effective results if applied within 5 minutes of hair removal.

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Treatments That Work For Unwanted Facial Hair Growth

If you’re suffering from hair loss and facial hair growth then you’re lucky. Because there are a few treatments that can be used to combat these common problems. With the correct treatment and the right tools, you can have long-lasting hair and facial hair growth.

While many hair transplants and facial hair growth creams can be used to help the problem. There are other treatments available that can be more effective. The following treatments have been used successfully by many people over the years to effectively combat unwanted facial hair growth.

For years, a popular treatment to address unwanted facial hair growth was the use of shaving. This method is great for small amounts of facial hair growth. But if your hair is much more than that, it may not be as effective.

Unplanned facial hair growth

Most of the treatments that are recommended for unplanned facial hair growth focus on the area around the face and on the chin. These areas are what most people usually notice when they first notice facial hair growth and can affect the way you feel about yourself.

For people with both unwanted facial hair growth and facial hair loss. It can be difficult to know which type of treatment will work best. The first step in determining which treatment will work best is to determine what caused the hair loss and unwanted facial hair growth.

This will allow you to understand the common reason why this problem is occurring and determine whether you have a medical condition or a genetic predisposition to have the problem. Sometimes, this will be enough to know which treatment is best suited for you.

Temporary hair removal

Women are the ones who suffer the most from temporary hair removal and facial hair growth. For women who are experiencing this problem, the first thing that is needed is to locate the root cause of the problem and then identify what is causing it.

In most cases, this will be temporary hair loss and the most common cause is stress. Identifying the cause of the problem will help women to control this stress and remove unwanted facial hair.

For many men, hair growth is a result of stress and is not a temporary problem. Men who experience this problem usually find that stress is not the main cause. But rather a secondary problem that has been brought on by poor diet, drinking alcohol excessively, and not getting enough sleep.

Unhealthy eating habits

For both men and women, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and a poor sleeping pattern can cause premature or excessive facial hair growth. In these cases, addressing the problem at its root can have the greatest effect.

There are plenty of men and women who suffer from this problem of excessive facial hair growth. Often, this is a temporary problem brought on by stress, and in many cases, stress may be the cause of the problem.

The best treatment for unplanned facial hair growth is to identify the root cause of the problem and then find a way to address that problem. It’s important to note that sometimes it may be more effective to use a different method than just unplanned facial hair growth treatments.

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