Renew the spark of romance in life!

Renew the spark of romance in life!

Renew the spark of romance in life
Renew the spark of romance in life

Tensions and worries have become our daily problems and we all struggle with it with our best efforts. All these factors affect our personal life to a great extent and no wonder in such circumstances, romance is automatically getting shifted to backstage. We lack that quality time, which we can spend with our partner.

With all the things changing so fast, we should seriously think of spending time with our spouse. For instance, this will revive your relationship and will motivate you to come closer. Squeeze some time from your daily schedule and make the best out of it. Follow these five mantras to rekindle that spark of love back into your life.

Give a call to your sweetheart:

Never miss a chance to spend time with your other half. There are many ways of communication available to people in this digital world. One should select the best way of expression to convey his/her feelings towards other. Time is changed now and so the communication ways. Pick your cell and call your sweetheart whenever you miss him/her. Avoid texting because it may lead to miss-communication. Your Simple thought of missing him will infuse valuable feelings in them.

Pamper your honey:

A little act of showing your feelings that you care for him will definitely make a devastating change in your life. Don’t miss any chance of spending time together. It may be a leisurely walk or a treating your partner with her favorite ice cream. It is a slow process but will be helpful in creating a bond between the two. Don’t dare to miss important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. This will impart the thought that ‘you care’.

Courtesy brings closeness:

you don’t have to run all the way to get a glimpse of her and don’t have to sing songs for her, just, offering a last piece of cake can say more of its words. A small act of affection will help you get closer and perhaps makes you cute couple.


Don’t let your partner waiting. It is the worst killer of romantic life. Be punctual and never let her wait for you. Otherwise, sooner or later, it will create problems between you two and needless to say will freeze your relationship. Show respect towards him and be on time and it will automatically, raise your chances of happily -ever -after bond.

Genuine commitment:

Presently, people are living in the virtual world and they update their social networking sites with each and every minute happening in their life. It can be from changing status to into a ‘relationship’ or engaged or married. Your partner doesn’t want virtual commitments but is looking for the genuine promise. It’s better to make her/ him realize what you feel rather, than the whole world knows about your feelings.

The relationship goes a long way, but one has to revive it from time to time. Your partner’s thought may be different from your way of showing love, but when you are aiming at stealing those romantic moments you should keep your partner in mind. After all they mean a lot to you.

You may want to hear a loud music and your partner wants to spend some time in peace. Give a second thought to your wish, you will find some meaning in your partner’s wish you will definitely choose her option and believe me love reciprocates, next time she will prefer silence against loud music. Your simple act will make her go on your way sooner or later.

Relationships are long lasting and should be nourished with patience and dedication. There are ample things which hopefully revive the relations and very possibly get that romance back into your life which was perhaps getting covered with your hectic work schedule. You just need to remove the sheet from it.

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