Review : Offering residential and business virtual prepaid calling card

Offering residential and business virtual prepaid calling card services

virtual prepaid calling cardDo you want to Call Syria, Call Egypt to get connected with your family, talk to friends or colleagues? Are you a frequent caller and looking for a simple and easy access to international calling with high-quality connections and low rates? Do you want to save money on long distance calls with rechargeable calling cards? If so, then is the best and perfect destination for getting the finest long distance calling service. We are a trusted and secure global network where you can sign up now and find the savings and convenience you have never imagined.

Virtual Prepaid Calling Cards

We offer virtual Prepaid Calling Cards residential and business services in order to help you enjoy big savings with very low rates from than 120 countries including the U.S. and Canada. Our services include no hidden charges, connection or maintenance fees. We are focused to provide the highest quality so that you can have clear conversation. You get a great opportunity to connect with your loved ones anytime you want. It will be the best way to shorten distances and make your life easy and comfortable.

With, you can easily make international calls. We provide both toll-free and local access numbers. You can

register your phone numbers from which you have to make calls and dial one of the access numbers. Then, you can place international phone calls at highly discounted rates.

Calling Cards

With our first-class services, you will be able to call from your office, home, or anywhere you want. There are no monthly fees and no Calling Cards to use. Our features include PIN less dialling, Works from any phone, Manual or Auto Recharge, Speed Dial, Online call detail records, Online account management, and more.

At, you can manage your online account easily. It will help you update your phone numbers, account profile or payment method. You can view call duration and charges by accessing your call detail records.

International call forwarding is another great service where you save on cell phone international roaming charges. can forward all your calls to any international number.

Join the thousands of business using SIP trunking service, SIP origination and SIP termination to our state of the art switches.

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