Review preventive healthcare services provided by Thyrocare

Review preventive healthcare services provided by Thyrocare

Review preventive healthcare: An early detection and diagnosis of any ailment through suitable test is a sure-shot way of keeping sufferings at bay. From my personal experience, I can share that Thyroid deficiency is quite common in young women. When my wife was recommended by the endocrinologist to perform thyroid testing T3, T4 and TSH, I came to know about the existence of Thyrocare.

Review preventive healthcare
Review preventive healthcare

A little research gave me an insight about it that Thyrocare Preventive healthcare lab is a nationwide networked diagnostic centre present in India. It has expertise in conducting test procedures for various disease conditions in a very convenient manner and provides results promptly. They understand the value of customer’s time, hence they also send their representatives to houses of customers to collect samples of blood or urine whatever is required. Thyrocare provides various types of blood tests. Patients can book and get the test done for any of the 71 available tests for detecting various disease conditions.

The best services that I found at Thyrocare are their Thyrocare Aarogyam packages which provide great benefits for the patients. This is a complete package for the tests and analysis of patient conditions. Opting for the complete packages enables the customer to get discounts on the costs. I believe that Thyrocare provides preventive healthcare packages at affordable costs.

The Aarogyam package includes the following tests-

Liver Profile 

Lipid Profile 


Kidney Profile 

Thyroid Profile 

Iron Deficiency 

Diabetic Screen

Complete Hemogram 

Vitamin D total

Toxic Elements 

Thyroid_profileAdvantages of the Aarogyam package

The advantages of the Aarogyam package is that it is a complete testing tool for preventive testing as well as the curative testing of different conditions of diseases. One can easily understand that before the onset of the disease preventive measures should be taken and that is known as preventive testing. And once the disease condition is identified by the physician and the patient is under medication, then at different time intervals the patient is to be monitored by the curative testing. The entire package comes at an affordable cost. There is no need to stand in the queue or wait for your turn for any blood test to be carried out as you can ask for a technician to come to your place for sample collection. The customer has the chance to provide his feedback and views about the quality of services he received from the staff.  

Our Recommendation

Thyrocare is best at serving the people in that it always manages to provide the report in time. In fact they ensure that the report is to be submitted via email within 48 hours of taking sample. If the patient wants a hard copy of the report the same is also delivered at an additional cost. The latest technological advancements and being up to date has made it possible for Thyrocare to provide class service in stipulated time. In fact they have become a house hold name for various preventive and curative testing of samples and the name Thyrocare is associated with trust.

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