A Review About The World AIDS Day And Its Awareness

A Review About The World AIDS Day And Its Awareness


World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day

Human immunodeficiency virus or the HIV is the infection that is acquired by the immunodeficiency syndrome called the HIV/AIDS. This is a disease spectrum is very dangerous as this is a cause for many diseases in the body. The main reason for this is that the virus eliminates all the immune system in the body and makes the body to reduce the fight resistance. The infection leads to the influenza-like illness in the starting stage and it is necessary to find the symptom and have the treatment for it. Since this disease does not have the specific treatment, it is necessary to avoid the cause of the HIV diseases. There are three main causes for this disease and its main occur with the transmission of the virus from one person to another. The first method of transmission is the sexual way and the second type is through the body fluids and the final method is by the mother to child during pregnancy. There are no other methods found for the disease to get transmitted. This disease has many stages and the complicated stage is that when it affects the lungs and this called as the pneumocystis pneumonia. Many people are suffering from this disease and there is no cure for the diseases found still. There are also many symptoms can be found like weight loss, Kaposi’s sarcoma cancer, diabetes and many others.

World AIDS Day:

Since there is no cure, it is better to have precautions for the diseases so that we can avoid them for attacking our body. So for creating the awareness for the human being, the World AIDS Day was designated all over the world by the World Health Organization (WHO). The main aim of this organisation is to create awareness among the public all over the world for their welfare. December 1 is the World AIDS Day since 1987 and they are celebrated every year so that it will make the people to become aware of the infection caused by the HIV infection. On this day the people who are supporting the event carries the red ribbon which is the symbol of the AIDS awareness. Most of the Government, non governmental organizations, health officials and individuals all over the world also supports this day for making the people know about the education on the AIDS control and prevention. The World AIDS Day every year is made progression in covering many people around the world and now it is most favoured with more public interest in the organisation and the program. More than 70% of people are affected by the AIDS as a result, most of the population has the HIV positive. In the estimation in global more than 35 millions of people are living with the HIV where out of that 19 million are unaware about the AIDS they thinking that is the cause of the virus.

HIV Facts And Stats:

The World Health Organization also reports that the HIV Prevalence for the year 2013 ranked as 4.8 million in the Pacific and in Asia, 2.3 million affected in North America and in Central and Western European countries. There is also a report that the $3 billion annual shortfall is needed for controlling the diseases and most of the funds is provided by the countries like US, UK and France. Due to this many African countries are also coming forward to pledge for making the AIDS to control in their country. United Nations (UN) states that the World AIDS Day says the deaths due to AIDS is decreasing by 35% for last 10 years as many people are aware of it since 2001. There is also an estimate that 35 million people are having the HIV globally, in which 19 million people are not aware of the HIV virus. More than 1.6 million people affected in the Latin America and 1.1 million in the Central Asia and in Eastern Europe. The ratio is decreasing in many countries as there are many steps awareness provided in many countries on this day. The Caribbean have 250,000 people affected and less than 230,000 are affected in t North and the Middle East Africa. There are many campaign groups given to the benefits of the people to stay alert of this deadly disease. You can also watch the red ribbon video for getting motivated in following the techniques for the HIV prevention in many parts of the world.

The Events:

Every year the United Nations (UN) conducts the World AIDS Day and there are many events involved to make the awareness for the HIV. The events conducted by the WHO is approved so that it will motivate the local people to get their awareness for the program. Programs and workshops in schools, colleges and in many offices are conducted so they provide certificates for the people who have been participating in the events. All the events are conducted free of cost so that it will be easy for all the people to participate in the free and self awareness events. With this technique, it is very easy to have the Health Promotion awareness in all the community takes place and you can know the date and time of the event in the world AIDS day website. Today there are many reports claiming that the AIDS pandemic occurring is the first time for more than 30 years. This pandemic makes the tipping point to people because most of the people are treated for HIV and so they become highly infected.

The Red Ribbon:

The symbol for the HIV and its awareness is the red ribbon and it is universally accepted for supporting the person who are suffering from the HIV. The red ribbon is the first symbol for the health awareness and it inspired many others so the pink ribbon is used for the awareness of breast cancer. On December 1 the red ribbon is distributed freely to the person who are interested in teaching awareness for the people in the local community.

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