Rewarding yourself with a treatment to motivate your exercise regime

Rewarding yourself with a treatment to motivate your exercise regime

If can be difficult to get started on a new exercise regime. As much as we want to become the new us it can take a while to go from couch potato to gym junkie.

The Mayo Clinic has some great tips to help you stay motivated, like working out with a friend, and keeping your exercise regime appropriate.

It all adds up

The incremental exercise that you get during the day can be as important as your fitness time. Some new devices can measure your daily steps and activity to help you see the effect of small changes to your habits, like taking the stairs and parking further away from the shops.

Shed away those extra fats!

Goals are important

Set regular goals for your workouts to make sure you don’t get complacent as you get fitter and keep challenging yourself to work harder. Mix up your workouts as well, – you don’t always need to be pounding the pavements when a swing dancing class can burn the same calories! A fun soundtrack on your music player can also make the time fly by so exercise doesn’t feel like a chore.

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to build rewards into your new lifestyle so that you have a motivation to hit the next goal. Make sure these are rewards that support your health goals like massages and new sports shoes.

The right massage can make you feel like a million dollars! You could even invest in a massage table like those in the range. Why not? After all, people spend £600, £700, £800 a year on gym memberships. Of course, you need someone willing and able to learn to do your massage too.

Keep track of lots of goals, such as body measurements and how long you can keep exercising for, not just your weight. Try to also have rewards that remind you of how far you have come like new dresses in much smaller size.

Let everyone know what your plans are

Enlist your family and friends to help you stay motivated as well. Letting them know your goals will help avoid the temptation to revert older unhealthier habits.  Maybe one of your coworkers will have the same goal, then you can go on lunch time walks together and take turns making lunch for two, cutting down your healthy lunch preparation time and energy in half.

If you do fall off the wagon and revert to bad habits for a while remember to forgive yourself. A small slip up is no reason to abandon all the work that you have put in beforehand to improving your fitness.

Prior planning

For some events or holidays where you know that you will be faced with a temptation to eat or behave unhealthily plan ahead some of the ways you avoid it. So think about filling up with a healthy salad before attending a cocktail party to avoid fried finger foods, and work out ways to incorporate some fun exercise into your beach holidays such as swimming or kayaking.

That way you can still have fun and you are more likely to stick to your healthy habits if you have thought it through beforehand.

Just remember that a healthy lifestyle is not just for now, but is an investment in your future.  The work you are doing sets a healthy foundation for the rest of your life.

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