What is Rhinoplasty ? How the facial surgery done?

What is Rhinoplasty ? How the facial surgery done?

Miami Rhinoplasty Specialist
Miami Rhinoplasty Specialist

Rhinoplasty is a facial surgery done for cosmetic and medical reasons. This surgery is performed to reshape the incorrect nose positioning. The surgery enhances the aesthetic sense of your face. Along with that the surgery rectifies your breathing problems. Basing on the patient’s wishes, the surgery can be both dramatic and usual. This surgery belongs to the branch of medical science called anatomy. This is considered as the most difficult surgery of the concerned branch of medical science. The treatment procedure may vary from person to person as the structure of the nose varies from person to person. The surgeon rectifies the error in your nose through surgery and matches it with your face.

Generally Rhinoplasty services are of three types

Functional Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Rhinoplasty and revision Rhinoplasty are the three services that are generally offered by Rhinoplasty services center. (You can find more info at our Miami Rhinoplasty Specialist website at http://www.miamirhinoplastyspecialist.com )

Functional Rhinoplasty

As the name suggests, this type of service is rendered to people who have breathing problems due to two specific bones in their nose. Those two bones are known as septal and nasal bones. This form of Rhinoplasty corrects a wrong nose along with improving breathing problems. People generally have these problems due to trauma. Some other people have these problems since their birth. You need to consult the proper surgeons who provide these services regularly. Some forget to correct the functionality while improving the aesthetic sense of your face or the other way.

What are the conditions that require functional surgery?

Some people have breathing problems since their birth. People may face these problems because of malfunctioning of nasal passage, collapse of the nostrils and nasal obstructions. In some other cases nose gets distorted due to tumor, trauma and infections. These are the specific conditions that require you to go for functional surgery.

Functional Rhinoplasty procedures

Commonly there are two types of functional surgery procedures. Septoplasty is performed to those patients, who have allergies, snoring, and sinus problems. Patients can have these problems from birth. In some other cases accidents may cause you these problems. The other type of functional surgery is Tubinate reduction. This procedure is employed to the patients who have breathing problems due to the tube known as Tubinate. Most of the surgeons perform these two surgeries at a time.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

When you wish to improve the aesthetic sense of your face, you need to do this surgery. You should remember that after this surgery you won’t be having breathing problems.

What is done in the cosmetic surgery?

In the cosmetic surgery the nose is reshaped. You can have a small or a large nose as per your wish. You can get away with various nose defects with this surgery. Your nose bumps will also go away with this type of surgery. The surgeon removes some of the bones from your nose and replaces them with some tissues as per the requirements during the surgery.

How a surgeon prepares you for the cosmetic surgery?

You need to undergo intensive medical care during the intensive assessment. The surgeon tests your nose with his computer to show you the after effects. While undergoing the surgery you need to quit your smoking habits. You are not allowed to take drugs. To avoid the risks of unnecessary bleeding, you should stop using cosmetic products as per the recommendations of the surgeon.

 Revision rhinoplasty

This is the third type of surgery among all the surgeries performed by Miami Rhinoplasty services. This type of surgery is performed when patients have problems due to their previous nose job. This may cause you problems. This surgery can be dangerous for you and may not render you the desirable results you wish to get.

Medical Assessment

The surgeon warns you about the pitfalls of the surgery when you consult him for the surgery. This procedure takes a little longer time than the other form of surgeries aforementioned. This type of surgery is a little costlier than the previous ones.

The procedure

Since this procedure may raise unwanted concerns for the patients, generally surgeons feel reluctant to perform this surgery. Apart from that it takes longer time as compared to the other two procedures mentioned above.

The risks associated with revision Rhinoplasty

You may have swelling on your nose. The surgery may leave scars on your nose. Some of the patients lose their smelling sense temporarily. You may take more than two weeks to recover from the surgery.


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