Safety in the summer: Check Your Home Environment

Safety in the summer: Check Your Home Environment

Home Environment :As the summer rolls in and school gets out, your kids are going to be spending more time around your home, and depending on the ages of the children involved, that means that there are going to be a few more risks to mitigate, simple because there’s more times for your kiddos to get into stuff.

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Five checks that you should do in particular include things like making sure you have solid plans in place for swimming pools, fire extinguishers, air conditioning units, sump pumps, and protection from bugs. There are countless other examples, but those in particular will at least get your brain thinking about risk assessment and consequences of certain situations.

The Swimming Pool

If you have a backyard swimming pool, there are many hazards you need to prevent. Especially if you have younger children. Depending on how deep the pool is, you need to have safeguards. In place that ensure no child has access to getting in under any circumstances. Either doesn’t have parental supervision or isn’t tall enough to keep their head above water. The statistics about accidental drownings, even in small backyard pools, are enough to make you consider pool safety decisions very soberly.

Fire Extinguishers

In summer, there are a few extra hazards when it comes to things like basic fire safety. Grills can get out of control if you aren’t careful. More dry conditions increase the cases of small fires (from matches, candles, or even your stove). Where a flame can catch on anything flammable nearby with even the most gentle of breezes. So, be sure you have fire extinguishers in all of the appropriate places in your home. Moreover, make sure your whole family knows how to use them.

Air Conditioning Units

In the summer, air conditioning units use a lot of amps of electricity during the hot months. Also they are often responsible for tripping circuit breakers. This becomes a safety issue if your whole family doesn’t know where the circuit breaker box is. How to see which circuit popped, and how to reset it quickly. It make sure primary house systems go back on almost immediately.

Sump Pumps

If you live somewhere that there are heavy rains, and your home has a basement. You may have to regularly make sure that your sump pump is working. An incredible amount of damage can be caused if water levels rise past a certain point.  So your entire family needs to know how to check if it’s working during summer storms.

Protection from Bugs

And in certain geographical areas, bugs are not only annoying but dangerous in the summer. Mosquitos and ticks in particular can cause diseases. So be sure to have spray on hand to put on yourself. Always before going out at night, all through the summer months.


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