Saving Big Money with Ebates

Saving big money online with ebates. If you’re like most of us, then you love shopping online: it’s hassle-free and easy to compare deals! And if you love shopping online and aren’t taking advantage of Ebates yet, you might just be missing out on a great opportunity to make cash back — all hassle free! Sure, there are plenty of similar websites out there these days which give you discounts or cash back for referral shopping, but Ebates is likely the oldest of the roster, and is certainly the most well-known.

Saving Online
Saving Online

Ebates? What’s That?

The internet is the mall of the 21st century; there’s nothing you can’t find online, and often you can find it faster and cheaper than when you head out to a retail location. And when you create an account on Ebates, you earn additional cash back while shopping online at many of its affiliate shopping partners. These partners include everything from large big box retailers like Lowes,, Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Apple all the way to boutique brands like Urban Decay, fine cigar purveyors, wine clubs, jewelers, shoe outlets, and more.

But what does it mean to be an affiliate? It’s a simple matter of money: whenever you shop at the Ebates partner stores through the Ebates links, Ebates makes money! After that, Ebates shares a percentage of that commission with you. That way, it’s a win for all parties, and you get paid (albeit just a little) for shopping online! What could be better than that?

And there’s no need to worry about being limited by the pool of affiliates: Ebates is partnered with over 1,500 stores! More than you could ever reasonably shop at. You don’t need to pay a cent to get started: just sign up, and start shopping!

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for Ebates, do so with the email address which is linked with your PayPal account. This way you can opt to get easily paid to your PayPal account! You can only PayPal accounts by using the same email address as your PayPal account, so registering with that account is of utmost importance. The only other alternative is to be sent a check via snail-mail.

Right off the bat, you see some money back! Ebates provides a $10 gift card just for completing any purchase through its affiliates worth $25 or more.

Anytime Access

Anytime you log in to Ebates, you’ll be able to access their full list of shops and stores which are affiliates. Ebates tells you alongside the how much cash back you can expect for shopping with them. You can either click on the with their list, or you can install the Ebates tool onto your browser, which will help you automatically accrue cash back points. The points are added to your account after your purchase clears with the shop, which is usually around a day’s time. On average, you can expect 1 to 6 percent cash back, which isn’t a lot on its own but can certainly add up.

The cons? Ebates pays out automatically four times a year, so you won’t see your perks regularly! Another issue is that for some retailers, the cash back is limited to specific departments: for example, on, you can only make any cash back by shopping at a few departments… which don’t include the books section!


The biggest complaint with Ebates is that sometimes a few users will slip through the cracks and won’t receive their payout. According to reviews for Ebates left on BBB, almost all of these complaints get easily resolved by Ebates, but it can be frustrating to encounter.

But if you’re organized and not the sort to overspend, Ebates can be a great opportunity to make some cash for the shopping you’d be doing anyway! Couple shopping at Ebates with other savvy online shopping tips and you’ll be certain to save a bundle, especially over the course of a year.

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