Say goodbye to those fats which creates problems for you

Say goodbye to those fats which create problems for you

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a much tedious task as and when compared to weight loss. People successfully shed those extra fats and make themselves fit, but despite their hard-work, the fats start accumulating in the body again, or it returns afterwards. One has to strictly follow the diet and workout plans which will not only keep him/her free from diseases but will also help in living a fit life. So all infused with a weight reduction plan should always keep these 11 points in their mind and strictly follow them.

Keep an eye on your weight.

Whenever we start our regime of fat loss we should start with maintaining a record of our present weight. For that purpose one should measure the weight same time every week and yes with the same amount of clothes. Otherwise, you may feel disheartened on not getting your weight reduced.

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Do not crave for finishing.

We usually women have a matter of eating all the leftover on the plates. That’s an alarm for you. Stop this habit after all you are not a dustbin, who will provide space to all leftover food. It’s better to have the food in appropriate quantity. Rather have a small serving at the beginning and when it comes to attaining the target of becoming slim then eat less than your hunger.

Drink enough water.

Drinking Luke warm water every day is advisable as water tends to flush off the toxins from the body. 8-10 such warm water glasses will help in breaking the fats of the body. Start a day with a warm glass of water and add lemon, juice of half lemon and a little bit of honey. No start can be much fruitful than this healthy drink.

Eat fiber-rich food.

Always have chapatti made out of flour which is rich in bran. Seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits are good s of fiber. Eat more of them.

Keep a check on oil consumption.

Mustard, canola and olive oil are good for health. Use these oils in your cooking, whereas avoiding refined and palm oil.

Trim your calorie intake.

Every time you eat check the calorie count. While aiming at reducing weight one should not have more than 1000-1200 calories every day.

Add walking to your daily routine.

Make it a point to walk for 40-50 minutes daily. Sometimes you find it difficult to take out time for walking, then its better you walk while you talk. This idea can be worked while talking to your friend on the phone or while she has come to meet you. Go for a walk with her. This will serve both purposes; you will get your calories burnt on one side and even chatting with the other.

Add cardio exercise.

Mind it that cardio exercises make your heart beat at a faster rate and the faster the beat the fat will burn quickly. Don’t forget to take your doctor’s advice before starting cardio exercises. Jogging, jumping, cycling and swimming are a few cardio exercises which you can adapt.

Say NO to carbonated drinks.

Say no to all types of packed juices, cola, and soda. These beverages are full of calories.

Avoid bridge eating.

A snack in between the two meals is a healthy option but try not to eat chocolates, cakes, and biscuits during your short meals.

Eat on time.

Last, by no means least, eat your dinner on time. The most suitable time is to have your dinner 2 hours before you sleep. Eating dinner at 8 o clock is much advised in this case. It would be better if you eat one chapatti less than your daily intake.

Needless to say, these 11 points will help you in getting back into the body of the slim and fit figure.

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