The secret tips to shine and sparkle

The secret tips to shine and sparkle

tips to shine
tips to shine

Everybody wants to glow and shine on their extra special days like birthdays, wedding functions, engagements and of course wedding. To conquer this war of looking glamorous, we try all those things which we know or what others tell us. To be very frank, we often make mistakes in experimenting with our face and skin. There are many points which we should keep in mind while aiming at grabbing that sparkle on our face. So that we become the centre of attraction or to say more precisely steal the show.

There are many beauty products available in the market that at once ‘glam-up’. Our looks and undoubtedly turn us into a gleaming diva-exactly to look perfect, all set to steal the show. There are numerous cosmetics which will help you hide the flaws which are the main hindrance in your pathway of gaining sparkle.

Luminisers, bronzers, highlighters are available in the market that promises to hide the flaws and add a classy sheen to our appearance. While aiming at gaining everlasting beauty we must know about do’s and don’ts.


Highlighters can almost change our look if applied correctly. Indian people’s skin needs more highlighting because it makes the face look thinner. Highlighters are available in pearl and sheen and are just perfect to add lustre. If you want to put up an enhanced show, then smear matte finish foundation.

Apply it on some specific points like bridges of the nose, cheekbones lips bow, chin. This will transform a new look to your face. Never use it in the centre of your face otherwise, it will give the appearance of wearing more makeup. Don’t forget rust colours, copper and silver colours are no more in fashion.


Bronzer is used on the skin to give a look of tan is best for applying at the jaw-line and hairline for better framing of the face. Moreover, its main function is to create shades which help in defining the features of the face. In addition, always buy a lighter shade than your skin tone otherwise a dark shade will make your face look grimy.

Covering your forehead, cheekbones and jawline make a numeric 3 and blend it to grab that slimmer look on your face. Apply mineralized bronzers as it results better in nourishing your facial skin and look fabulous when properly applied.

By no means use bronzer excessively otherwise, it will give a look of heavy makeup. And don’t forget to blend is the main thing which accomplishes the daunting task. Avoid using darker shades as it will spoil your makeup base.


The main purpose of luminizer is to transform a tired face into a enliven face. It is a shimmer product which is available in the cream or powder form in the market. It helps in add-on to the healthy look of the face.

It is better to use them in the corner of your lips and eyes, eyelids and cheekbones. Always buy the same shade of luminizer exactly to match your skin tone. But you may buy a lighter shade if you cannot find the shade exactly like your skin. It’s very useful when a person wants to hide the wrinkles and fine lines. It’s better to use it in a very lesser quantity otherwise it will give a shiny look to your face.


Blushers are available in the form of a cream, powder or mousse. It helps in enhancing the frame of the face. Cream and gel blusher stay for a long time as compared to powder blusher. People with fair skin should opt for pink blusher and peach is just perfect for tan tone.

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