Different Types of Self Massage Tools

Self Massage Tools: One of the things that you can massage your body with is a towel, but the towel is used with a hand held massage tool. A couple of different types of massage tools are available in the market these days, with some people preferring hand massages to others.

As you go shopping for massage tools, first get to know the type of therapy you want to try. Many therapists also prefer a specific tool in different massage therapies, and that too to their clients. Read this article to learn about different types of self-massage tools that are available these days.

Self Massage Tools
Self Massage Tools

Massage chair massage and ultrasonic massage tools are some of the most popular ones nowadays. They are great for people who have limited mobility or do not want to be restricted to sitting on a regular massage table.

Handheld devices like paddle messages are good for kneading the muscles in the back and the neck and are very good for physical therapists as well. Using a hand held device allows the therapist to target certain areas, which is very important if you want to achieve deep tissue massage.

Different Types of Self-Massage Tools

Self-massage tools can also be of different shapes and sizes. You may want to buy a small handheld unit to massage the muscles of a patient, while you can go for a large hand held device that gives you an extra one-on-one time with your loved one.

The palm rests of handheld devices make them a perfect choice for people who have to reach out to massage the calves of someone. It is also helpful for people who love a good massage session.

With digital massage programs, you can choose how much pressure you want to apply on the affected part of the body. Some models also include sounds, which help a person enjoy the session.

A soft-touch device is also one of the best ways to attain a deep massage. These massage tools have metal cylinders that provide you with a good amount of pressure.

Another popular option is to use oil or water to massage the muscles. This option is especially helpful for those who find it difficult to apply pressure.

Massage chairs provide you with a total package of all the tools for a complete massage. To get a deep and stimulating massage, you should opt for these massage chairs, as they allow you to adjust the tension of the muscles.

When you go for a deep-tissue massage, it is important to get the right tools to help you do the job properly. Some tools, such as the one you buy, should be washed in cold water and oiled, and should have a handle.

Electronic massage tools are also available in the market these days, with soft-touch devices. Some models come with a remote control to monitor the therapy session, while others come with wheels to change the angle of the machine.

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Massage Tools For Back

A variety of massage tools for back massage have been created, designed and produced. These massage tools for back massage are used to be the preference of massage therapy with different reasons. In this article, we take a look at some of the popular tools used by therapists, their functions and different prices for the different models.

Massage instruments for back are a set of tools used by an ordinary masseuse to massage the spine. They usually consist of a hand held device called a “stylus” that is attached to a pillow to apply pressure, which is applied with the use of the fingertips. In this sense, the stylus is similar to a bristle brush.

There are several types of styluses available in the market and different models are manufactured to cater to the varying needs of massage therapy. It is important to determine the purpose of the stylus before buying one. It is recommended to test the stylus before purchase to ensure that it will work properly in the hands of the masseuse. In most cases, a quick touch test is sufficient to know if the stylus will work properly on the spine.

There are several models of styluses available. Two popular models are portable electric models and hand held ergonomic models. There are also several types of massage tools for back.

There are various models available to cater to different needs. These include:

Hand held massage tools for back are less expensive and are easily portable. They are ideal for massage therapy while travelling, as they do not take up much space. They also come with a compact design to allow the user to transport it easily. If you want a good quality product, you should ensure that you buy from a reputed manufacturer or retailer.

Portable electric models are often easy to use for young and old therapists alike. The same massage tools for back, which we have seen in the previous article, are made available in portable electric models. These electric models are suitable for any kind of massage therapy, irrespective of the amount of pressure needed.

Ergonomic massage tools for back are much in demand as they are comfortable to use, allowing users to relax for long periods. They can also help in increasing circulation of blood in the body to avoid stiff muscles and joints. With regular use, these tools can result in permanent muscle relaxation.

Medical massage equipment is ideal for someone who is undergoing massage therapy. These are available in different models that are designed according to the massage therapist’s need. Various different types of massage techniques can be performed with these tools.

Steam systems are best suited for those who require a more intense pressure and for those who want to elevate the body’s temperature to assist the client. Massage oil sets are also available in various varieties and are easily washed by using a machine. If you are looking for something that comes with accessories, then infrared treatment systems are best suited for you.

Non-latex equipment is widely used by massage therapists because they do not involve any type of contact with the skin. On the other hand, the benefits of a strong and firm musculature is possible only when the skin is handled well. After all, it is the skin that protects us and helps us to heal.

Always remember to go for a reputable company when you want to buy massage tools for back. You also have to go for a renowned brand, as you want to get great value for your money.

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