Some serious ab workouts and exercises to lose belly fat

Some serious ab workouts and exercises to lose belly fat

Who doesn’t want to get rid of belly fat and get a flat stomach? These days, almost everyone is inspired by movie stars or other celebrities. Who have amazing bodies that look absolutely stunning in summers with their beach clothes on? And of course, you aspire to look the same. However, not everyone is born with the perfect body. Some have to do some serious ab workouts and exercises to lose belly fat.

Serious ab workouts

Women mostly have a common problem of having heavier lower bodies, which means that the areas of concern include their stomach, hips, thighs etc. Most fitness experts recommend a combination of abdominal exercises and core exercises for women to solve this problem.

Here are some exercises that you can try to get flat abs:


  1. Oblique Sit-Up Crunch

This may seem difficult to do at first and will take some getting used to. However, once you start doing it, you will realize that this is a very good exercise to make a part of your abs workout. It targets your internal and external obliques and gives you the waist that you are aiming for.

Oblique Sit-Up Crunch

  1. Cycling Crunches

These are very good for you to mix with other forms of regular crunches to break the monotony of your belly fat exercises. It is a fun exercise and does some serious core strengthening while making your abs work fully. You must be careful of the technique. However, and ensure that you don’t lift your head with your arms too much. as it can cause the neck to pain a lot later on. If you don’t know how to do crunches, you can always check out online videos or take the help of a trainer to understand the correct technique and form.

Cycling Crunches

  1. Side Planks

Balance is the key to making this work. Regular planks and side planks together make for the best core exercises for women giving them some serious progress on their abs. You must master these to be able to improve your overall workout strength and stamina as well. And the best part is that side planks also give added results to your shoulders and triceps!

Side Planks

  1. Sit-Up to Standing

Lie down with your face up, arms extended over your head, holding a kettlebell. Keep your knees bent. Now work your stomach into a sit-up position bringing the kettlebell forward and then gradually stand up completely, holding the kettlebell over your head all the time. This is again a very advanced exercise, and it will take sometime before it can make it to your ab routine successfully. You will get tired a lot initially because you are in a way dealing with your whole body here, but don’t give up and keep trying, and the efforts will definitely show results.

Sit-Up to Standing

  1. Ball V-Ups

Take an exercise ball, lie down straight with your arms extended up and the ball between them; keep your chin up as you lift the ball as well as your heels off the floor and bring the ball to be caught by your legs. Now that the ball is in your legs, repeat the lifting up of the heels and the hands again; at the meeting position, grab the ball again from feet and go back to the first position. This is one of the best lower ab exercises and doing it with the ball makes it more fun.

Ball V-Ups

Mixing Cardio With Your Ab Routine

Ab exercises are of course a great way of reducing your belly fat and gaining a flat stomach. However, one must understand that it doesn’t help to just keep doing abs every day. You need to mix your ab workouts with cardio and weight training of other muscle groups in the body. It is ideally best to alternate between weight training and cardio; abs should be done on cardio days. Many people recommend alternating ab exercise sets with those of jumping jacks, step-ups or short bursts of high-speed runs on the treadmill, the belief being that the jumping or any other intense activity will loosen the abs and prep them for the abs sets that you are alternating with.

Of course, each person has a different body type and everybody’s fitness goals and stamina levels vary. Keeping that in mind, it is best to take the advice of a fitness expert and design a workout plan that is best suited for you. Over-exercising should be avoided at all costs; it only damages the muscles more than doing any good. At the same time, doing too less of the workouts may not yield proper results. Take training for some time to understand what kind of exercises work for you. Gaining flat abs is not difficult if you follow the right technique and do the exercises regularly.

Eating Right

It is crucial to eat the right kinds of foods when you are aiming to get a flat stomach. You can try your hand at the best ab workout there is, but the success of that workout will eventually depend on what you are eating and not what you are sweating. If you continue on a high-calorie or high-carb diet while you are trying to work on your abs, the results won’t show at all. It is vital for you to take a diet that is rich in foods that help to detoxify the body. Also, reduce the carb level in the body, while also simultaneously helping the metabolism rate to go up.

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