Seychelles In May Is All About Exotic Environs And More

The archipelago of the Seychelles is a stunning natural wonder that makes for a perfect beach holiday with a twist. This group of 115 islands is located in the Indian Ocean, about 1600 kilometers off the east coast of Africa. With clear blue waters and fresh sea air, this archipelago is a lesser known destination for the start of summer break. Seychelles in may An ideal place for couples, tourists or adventure lovers. With a rich flora and fauna, exciting culture and unique adventures – the island is everything you want from a vacation.

Weather in Seychelles in May

Silhouette island

The month of May is considered as one of the perfect times to visit this coastal wonder. The climate is ideal for the outdoors, with warm air and manageable humidity. The weather remains 26 degrees warmer and rain changes begin to subside over time. Spend your time in the water or the shiny beaches, this place is a beach lovers retreat.

Why should you go to seychelles in may

The month of May marks the beginning of summer on the island and the chances of having a hotel are better. If you like beach vacation but don’t like clutter then this time would be perfect. The city is not just ocean and marine life. Seychelles in May marks the time for some major festivals:

  • Seychelles Art Festival: Unlike a traditional arts festival, it is not a hipster and over-the-top. The Seychelles Arts Festival, to be held in May, is an additional celebration. From foot-tapping local music, local dance forms and even a splash of Creole cuisine. However, the main attraction is art. Each year an amazing collection of art from both local and international artists brings life to the island of Mahe.
  • FetAftik: The festival of Farafrica, the happiest festival in African culture, is full of fun and joy. On the 25th of each year, the islands of Seychello are drawn and the roads run into a carnival. Local artists and musicians take the opportunity to show their skills at many events in all the islands.

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5 places to visit in Seychelles in May

Since Seychelles is an archipelago, there are many islands from which anyone can pick up. Each of them has its own unique set of activities and tastes. The ideal way to book a trip to Seychelles in May is to book the hotel books first and then plan the rest of the trip. Here you must visit some places.

1. Mahe

Sandeep Seychelles Tour: Mahe Sunset

One of the largest islands in the cluster, there is no road that cannot be here. If you are coming by air then this is the entrance to Seychelles. The island is sprinkled with spectacular white sanded beaches and clear open water. Beau Wallon Beach is one of the most popular beaches and it is also one of the most difficult to obtain bookings from. If you love the outdoors, Morne Seychelles National Park will be a definite treat for you. Either kick back in a resort or take a hike – there is so much to do on this island.

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2. Question

Valli de Mai, Praline Island

The island is known for its palm-lined beaches and the tranquil serene atmosphere of a far-off beach. A popular option if you want to get away from the routine and the mundane. The island has lush greenery and many stunning beaches. Cote d’Or beach is a long white sand beach that is a center of attraction for activities. If you are in Seychelles in May, you can definitely soak in the clear sun.

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3. La Digue

You can rejuvenate your senses on this beach

What sets this island apart from the rest of its sisters is the fact that there are many boulders or rocks and granites along the coast of the island. It adds a unique beautiful texture to many beaches. The beaches have many shallow water spots that you can dip your feet into and kick-back. Most of the island is densely covered with greenery and the Vuev Nature Reserve is a biodiversity port.

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4. Silhouette

Silhouette Island Marine National Park, Seychelles

The island is a popular destination due to the majestic Hilton Hotel and Resort. The island is a quiet and lazy getaway if you are looking for a stay. If you are looking for a budget stay here, this may not be the best of views. Seychelles is a busy time in May, so book your hotel online if you want a place here. The island is not just beaches and water sports – you can also visit the Durban Tomb which is an ancient building that is today a museum.

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5. Vakrasana

Famous beaches in Seychelles

The island is one of the cultural centers of the islands of Seychelles. The island is small and costal and lined with unique coco de mer palm trees. If you want to spend your time outdoors then the island is a great place. By hike, the way to nature is near the islands. It also has some of the best spots to go snorkeling.

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5 activities in May

If you do not spend a summer vacation in the sun, you can see the activities of Seychelles in May. The island can keep you busy thinking about your vacation so that you are not locked in your room. The diverse geography and dense greenery is all you need to fall in love with the outdoors.

1. Diving

scuba diving

If you are in Seychelles in May, you are in luck. Sagar is the most well-organized mood at the moment. This enables the boat to be carried in deep water and you can see some of the most indigenous marine life. The water is also warmer which makes it less stressful to dive. A whale shark can find a spot here if they are lucky.

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2. Fishing

If you love the patient process of fishing then you are in luck. The rich sea life makes the islands a great place to take a boat and a boat for fishing and to explore the open waters. You can easily catch a fresh cath in these clear water. Fish such as Bohr Snapper, The Triggerfish, Jobfish and more are in abundance here. One can either book a boat or take a fishing tour with one of the travel agencies.

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3. Yacht Charter

Enjoy sailing

If you want something more personal and luxurious, a yacht fits the bill perfectly. You can get in touch with your hotel desk or local travel agent and get a private yacht for a day. Take it out in open water and anchor it to the place of your choice. Spend a day in Mother Nature’s lap, but it costs nothing to keep you company. There is nothing more personal than this.

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4. Island Tour


The islands of Mahe and Pralin have many hidden locations that cannot be reached via cars. Anyone can close the path and find these places. You can either rent a bicycle or put it on your hiking shoes. The island is full of lesser-known viewpoints and caves that can only be found on foot. This is a great way to expose yourself to local places.

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5. Bird watching

Phuket Bird Park in Phuket

Seychelles in May presents the perfect season to explore greenery. Morne Seychelles National Park and Silhouette National Park are the two most preferred options for bird and wildlife spotting. You can spend the whole day and guide this biodiversity hub.

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The islands of Seychelles are a playground of options. No matter your travel preferences, here is something special for you. Seychelles will experience a memory to remember in May. From couples to large groups of friends, a holiday in the Seychelles would be perfect for those who live away from the noise of the city.

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