Sheltie Training Tips

Sheltie Training Tips: My Sheltie Sammi lived to be almost 19 years old. She was a wonderful, smart little dog that learned quickly and hated to have anything else to do. I was working on obedience with her when I first discovered the aka chicken and egg method for training a puppy.

Bake a chicken egg, boil the egg, remove the shell, and use this to feed her. She would eat the egg mixture with kibble, or when she just couldn’t have any other dog food. I would then take the egg shells and Pancakes shells (if I could get them to eat that way) and throw them away. I would have this on hand the next meal for Sammis as she hated to meal. I quickly learned that Pancakes shells are available at almost any grocery store.

Sheltie Training Tips
Sheltie Training Tips

Springer and her Cheap Food Diet

The chicken egg mixture method has been the talk of the dog training world for some time now. One of the big talking points was about the affordability. The talk was about Springer and her Cheap Food Diet and the discussed the likelihood of her getting cancer and other diseases like I Descrimmed.

Sammis lived to be close to 19 and a very happy, well trained, confident dog. Everything she touched seemed to turn into goldilocks – water, snow, and gumball. If you could have seen her – head cocked this way – you would have believed she was regressing from some precious youth.

The egg shell method of feeding has been talked about since spaghetti westerns were first made available in this country. The Staffordshire hound is the original native to this country and seems to have been first used here. The egg shells were for something the poor animal needed. Of course, the pooch didn’t care too much either. I’m not sure if this is still true or if this was just a fashionable description of the practice.


Many believe that this method of feeding is causing our pets to have health problems and disease. Do you share in this belief? I’d love to hear your personal experiences with this health concern ‘slowly’ as it were. How did you first become aware of this probable cause.

Many believe that dry dog food causes kidney failure and the pet food industry is aware of this and that as a result of their products not including the egg shells, they are able to sell more product, which of course, includes the shells which continue to add to the problem.

As you may be aware by now, I am not a man of peace. I do love peace and to tell you the truth, the only reason that we are capable of making it is because we each individually decide to make it. Unfortunately, the world has become so large and interdependent on the livelihood of those who benefit, that they too benefit from it. That is probably more difficult for those on the ‘matched’ end of the stick. I speak from experience. As the dog lover that I wish to be, I ask you to please, think about it. Our actions have a level and we may not be conscious of it.


In other words, think ‘YES’ to your participation in this process. By so doing, you will free yourself, your pet and the world. Do not be the world. The way I am about to explain to you is simple and it works the other way too. Yes, there are as businesses on this side of the ‘net’ that clearly benefit from this type of contentment. I am referring to you and if you were to visit any of them (I have done so below), you would be encouraged to give it some time.

Maybe you are sleeping in on the cushion? You maybe sleeping in bed? Maybe you are definitely not walking three times a day. We know that they understand where and/or who and what they are supposed to do and where and/or who can be a of their own happiness. Notice, we are getting into the spirit of things. As you know, these are the folks that helped us become where we are today and it is also a little something, that you may help your pet be a part of as well.

To Summarize:

We as humans have done a great deal in the past, to give our animals a better life. Are we doing it well? It’s time to believe that we can do better. Yes!’. The good news is that there are alternatives to the ‘Overview’ described above. In other words. There are alternatives to the ‘brown bag’ and the ‘premium’ described above. alternatives to the brown bag and….yes, they exist! Many are less expensive than the others. A quick internet search will show you how to get them. Let’s start with the first one that came to mind.

So what is it? Can it be made from plastic? Can it be made from a natural re?

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