Sherrill Furniture Review: Handmade Furniture at Great Prices

Sherrill Furniture offers handmade furniture of the highest quality at excellent prices, with the possibility of a high degree of customization. Sherrill Furniture has been manufacturing handmade furniture since 1944 and offers its work to the public through major departments and furniture stores across North America.

Located in Hickory, North Carolina, Sherrill Furniture has several workshops where master craftsmen and carpenters design and create beautiful chairs, sofas and seats of many types that use a combination of traditional American craft techniques and modern furniture production methods. The company only produces upholstered furniture, made according to a very high standard of workmanship and using the best fabrics and upholstery materials.

Sherrill’s mission is to offer excellence in design, quality, reliability and service and to be recognized by its customers as a leading supplier of high quality home furnishings. Does it achieve this? Let’s see.

Quality in design

Sherrill furniture includes a wide range of seats, but no other type of furniture. It offers hand-upholstered furniture in a number of design options including the excellent Dan Carithers collection and the 9600 “Design Your Own” series that you can design yourself. Each customer who chooses the 9600 series can choose the base, the back style and the style of the arms and, if you choose a section, you can choose the best configuration of the pieces to meet your needs.

If you have a corner that you found difficult to furnish, choosing a Sherrill Furniture 9600 series section will allow you to adapt it exactly as you wish. This is one of the advantages that you get when working with a company that makes your own furniture by hand: they can exactly meet your needs.

Not only that, but you can choose from a wide range of upholstery fabrics. This is a decisive advantage, because you can choose a fabric design or a color that suits the general decor of your room. Not all handmade furniture companies offer this option, and it is often a matter of taking it or leaving it: what you see in the showroom is what you get. Not so with Sherrill Furniture: you can specify your upholstery among a wide range of options.

Processing quality

There is no denying the quality of Sherrill’s workmanship. As they say: you almost hate to cover such a well-made chair! It’s true, because customers cannot admire the internal upholstery of the chairs and sofas they are sitting on. You cannot see the work involved in the hand-stitched weaving, in the hand-tied springs and in the hand-attached cloths that separate the internal mechanisms from the filling.

All you see is the finished product, and you don’t really appreciate the work and skill that led to making that seat feel so solid but comfortable when you sit down. Even the back and arms must be expertly padded by craftsmen and women. The quality of workmanship that fits into every single element of Sherrill furniture is not in question!

The quality of the fabrics is also very high. They are durable and available in different designs to suit your needs and room decor. Sherrill offers thousands of different patterns, textures and colors from all over the world and claims to have a wider range of fabrics than any other furniture manufacturer.

The style of Sherrill frames ranges from the period of Queen Anne or sigma legs, through a splendid structure carved to the simplicity of modern designs in a wide range of woods and wood finishes. If your home is furnished in a period style, then Sherrill Furniture will have a chair, a sofa, a sofa or a chez longue to adapt to that style. Covered with period fabrics, you can be sure that this company is able to guarantee that the period and style of your room are faithfully maintained.

Quality of service

If you have a problem with a particular piece, Sherrill Furniture will solve it satisfactorily. If you have a question about handmade furniture that you need to match the style of any room in your home, then the company will immediately respond that it has an answer for you. It does not pretend to be able to satisfy every request – no company can realistically do it, but they will do their best to meet your needs.

Sherrill Furniture Review: The Negatives

No review of any furniture company can claim to have never found negatives. Sherrill Furniture wouldn’t want a 100% positive review because the company knows it would be dishonest. There are some negative comments which are listed below.

1. Damping problems

Some cushions on Sherrill sofas tend to move forward and eventually protrude from the seat. Perhaps the closing cushions could solve this problem, although it must be said that this complaint was made after a few years of use and that the family had a cat plus the children. However, this is a factor to be kept in mind.

2. No Casegoods

Complaints have been filed for the lack of food. These are unpadded items such as wardrobes, tables and chests of drawers. In fact, it should be taken as a compliment if people are looking for Sherrill groceries. In fact, this company focuses on manually producing the best possible upholstered furniture and sticks to what it does best.

Very few complaints have been made and The Complaints Board has not filed complaints with Sherrill Furniture. This speaks for itself, and the conclusion of this review is that the company produces top quality handmade upholstered furniture that lasts long with very few problems.


by Peter Nisbet

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