Should You Own a Pet Badger?

Badgers are small, stocky creatures and are omnivores (plant and animal eaters). They can be found in Britain, Ireland, North America and parts of Europe and Asia. A badger might appear cute, but it isn’t sufficient to have a badger for a pet.

Can I have a badger for a pet?

In Great Britain, using a badger for a pet is a criminal violation. In some parts of America, you should have a license to get a badger. They’re considered wild animals and not domestic animals.

That having been said, if you end up in a situation where you could own a badger for a pet, it’s a good idea to increase it by hand as soon as it’s young. They are sometimes ferocious creatures and have long claws and even hand breeding isn’t a guarantee it won’t backfire on you.

Pet Badger
Pet Badger

The most common reason you will find a baby badger is if it got lost or if its mother was murdered. If you’re unable to take him to a vet or a wildlife book, you can take care of yourself, if you pass the legal conditions. If you discover a cub in the daytime, it’s definitely abandoned.

What can I feed my badger?

Assuming you find a badger-like a cub, you can feed it with many different formulas. It’s advisable to stick to one kind of milk and not change it.

Feed every 2-3 hours throughout the day and longer periods at night. A jar with a pacifier may be used. After the badger has a bodyweight of 500 g to 600 grams, it is possible to feed yourself daily.

Begin weaning when the permanent incisors appear and present rusks, canned dog food, finely ground meat and dry dog ​​food.

From age 8 to 14 weeks, an assortment of foods can be utilized such as scrambled eggs, cereals, raisins, yogurt, creamed rice, biscuits, sunflower seeds, minced meat, sausages, and cheese. Food may also be dipped in meat broth to boost nutrition.

You should feed your pet badger at night after it’s weaned.

Where can I place my badger?

Badgers prefer to live underground. That having been said, whatever you put into it’ll naturally try to dig into it. Having very sharp claws, it is going to suck and dig almost anything, even a metal cage. So take into consideration all these questions and also the fact that wherever you host your badger, it can do harm when attempting to dig.

As you can see, it’s not a good idea to have a pet badger, there are several things to take into consideration which are distinct from owning the standard pet. If possible, give your badger into a company that knows how to handle them. Badgers are best kept in pairs and reintroduction to the wild is advised. Minimum human contact is also advised for a simple return to its natural habitat.

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