Size Does Matter In the Austin Real Estate Market

There are many factors that play a role in determining your home’s market value. In fact, size is one of the bigger ones. How many bedrooms are you looking for? Do you want a loft or square house? Do you want a home with a private yard? Fitted garage? Calming furnishings? Body-builders? Probably not? Let’s take a look at the importance of certain attributes in relation to the desirability of a house and some items that can be added to or subtracted from your house when you are putting it on the market as a result of being shrunk.

Austin Real Estate Market
Austin Real Estate Market

– 4 Bedrooms.

At least 4 Bedrooms. That’s right you said it. Not only do four bedrooms qualify a house as large, they also have a key role in whether you realize a return-on-investment of purchasing one or more of your home’s rooms. Not only are bigger rooms attractive to buyers, but they are also significantly better in the ultimate sense of ” occupying space.” In the end it can go beyond the object of which those rooms will serve as terrified purposes, to the level of the quality of life that those rooms provide.

– 3 Bathrooms.

Three bathrooms? No, that’s okay. “Most buyers are not purchasing one living room to be able to use as the family room, especially if there are two or more living rooms or floors.”

We’ve learned that you can’t have too many bedrooms and may be looking for a house with five or more bedrooms in a great location with a good layout. Make sure you are viewing homes with a minimum of three bedrooms for comparison purposes. If you feel a need to have extra rooms, understand that two bedrooms were .7% lesser for sale than were two bedrooms most of the time. It all comes down to paying attention to the key elements when you are setting price points and seeking the best location. Otherwise you’ll find yourself dreaming and yearning for what could have been.


– Late- Night Amenities.

Yes, you read it right. Here’s an overview of major things that draw the highest price on the best location:

Sure, a three-bedroom home with only one bathroom may have a higher price per square foot in the same area, but a home with five bedrooms in a home-for-sale neighborhood with a late-night library, gym and a pool over a golf course may not get the same price as a three-bedroom home if that property was located, for example, on the same 20-acre parcel as a home with three and a half baths and a finished basement. Yes, the square footage of a property is a major determinant in determining its market value, but you can’t sell a two-bedroom house as cheaply as a four-bedroom house at the same location.

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– Hard- alters.

Things that are listed below street level or below grade of a property don’t have nearly the same effect on a house as they do above it. However, it is also important to note that it’s easier to fill up spaces in a house that are not directly accessible.

(• Bathrooms). Amenities like a hot tub, whirlpool tub, jacuzzi, extra plumbing, and extra closet space are very attractiveness to buyers.

Therefore, they have a lesser effect on a home’s value than they would on a higher end property.

– Drywall.

Walls with a high exposure to natural light may make a room appear larger.

– Home Areas Available for Sale.

If a seller can hang onto a home for six months or more during a real estate downturn, they might be able to sell it at a higher price if they’re willing to live in it until it sells.

One of your competitors the builder has sold a few houses, so he can afford to price his home closer to market value. With this in mind, treat his property as though it’s an opportunity that is waiting to be exploited. The last thing you want is to see your competitor’s house go for more than you wanted to pay because you feel like the house and neighborhood were a waste of time. The more a house for sale in your market is a story, the more attention it will get. The more attention a house gets, the more likely it is that your neighbors will rush to buy one of the few houses sold in your neighborhood. That’s bad for you, but could possibly work out to your better profit if you’re willing to take advantage of that surplus of available inventory.

Often, people sell one house and then buy another.

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