Size zero is not the paradigm of fitness

Size zero is not the paradigm of fitness

The new generation follows the slogan of fit is hit. Means the person who is fit is the hit. Now what is included in fitness level is it grabbing zero figures or free of diseases. Size zero is not the paradigm of fitness. To grab zero characters mostly the teenagers they work very hard, and this fitness cannot be constituted as a perfect fit. It’s a European size. The size zero is fitting into the vital stats of   31.5-23-34. Many boll wood actresses were known for maintaining this figure.

Not good for health teenagers

Experts say that it’s not good for health teenagers who crave to gain this figure often comes in the clutches of anorexia, which is an eating disorder in which the person becomes crazier about reducing weight. Believing her to be overweight, she tends to eat less and ultimately which give rise to many problems.

Reduce weight

Target- one should not plan to reduce weight at acceleration, speed whereas slow and steady wins the race is quite suitable while keeping weight loss in mind. Reducing 2 kg weight in a month is an excellent regimen for any enthusiastic person who sincerely wants to curb down his/her weight. Though one may forward reduce 3-4 kgs of weight, more than this will be harmful to reduce. To reduce weight one should consult an expert and try cutting under his proper guidance.

paradigm of fitness

To fit in the BMI people start crash dieting and heavy workouts, which is not at all correct. One should target to reduce 3-4 kg only. Though there are many machines available for reducing weight, people follow these three rules to reduce their extra weight.

Starts remaining hungry?

Dieting- usually when people want to shed extra pounds they start off with dieting and starts staying hungry. This is not at all correct. Dieting doesn’t imply to stay hungry, whereas it’s eating the appropriate amount of calories, which is low in fat and full of roughage. What happens that when we eat less the metabolism slows down, which give rise to the deficiency of minerals and vitamins? That’s why it’s recommended that you eat precise food.

Exercise 30-60 minutes every day.

Exercise to reduces weight its necessary to use 30-60 minutes every day. What is important is that the exercise should be a part of fun-filled activities. You may include swimming, cycling, dance aerobics, etc. its better to opt for multiple activities. Avoid brisk exercise in the beginning. Start with little exercises and slowly y and gradually increase them.

Size zero fitness

Surgery-very fat people who want to reduce 35-40 kgs then they can go for surgery. The famous operations are.

Liposuction– it’s a technique by which the extra fat is taken out of the body.

Bariatric surgery– In this the size of the stomach is reduced, and the person gets the feeling of filled up even after eating a small amount of food.

Stomach bypass– Under this method of surgery a pouch is connected to the intestine, and hence the calories are not absorbed.

Silicon band-silicon band is fixed in the stomach which gives the feeling of fullness stomach, and thus hunger is reduced.

Not-to-mention the most appropriate method of weight loss is following the combo of dieting and exercising. We should focus on dieting and workouts. Remember, we need the energy to work and this energy we get from the food we eat. If we eat more than it will deposit in our body in the form of fats and burn these fats, we should do daily and regular workouts. Through exercise burn more calories. This will help in shedding extra pounds which are acting like your pets.

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