Smokeless Tobacco: Your Risk is Their Reward

Smokeless Tobacco: Your Risk is Their Reward

Sorymens-opening-bannerHave you ever experimented with smokeless tobacco? Perhaps you have a crippling addiction that you can’t shake. You may be a relative of someone who is addicted to smokeless tobacco. You are looking for ammunition to use when you speak to the person you care about. Smokeless tobacco poses plenty of hazards to your health in numerous significant ways. You may not realize that the symptoms of tobacco addiction have caught you before you’re headed down a spiraling road.

Short Term Effects

Your breath will smell bad the instant you begin using smokeless tobacco. The chemicals in the compound react with the saliva in your mouth to produce the flavor and odor that so many people are used to. You must also spit to make sure you don’t swallow the juice. This juice can make you very sick. People will see your repulsive spitting and be turned off by your habit. You will catch scorn from friends and relatives, especially if they aren’t used to someone chewing tobacco. You will make messes everywhere with your tobacco spit, and it will land in untidy piles.

Your teeth and gums will also suffer immediately. Your white smile will be gone in no time at all. No amount of brushing will get rid of those stains. Your gums will become sensitive to hot and cold foods. The chemicals in the tobacco will wreak havoc on your mouth with each passing day. You will notice that people don’t react to your smile the way they once did when your mouth was healthier. Your dentist will wonder what went wrong when you go for your next visit. Will you tell him the truth?

Long Term Effects

Over time a smokeless tobacco user will also be at risk for some harsh effects. Receding gums can cause all kinds of issues inside your mouth. Your teeth may loosen and eventually fall out completely. Your gums will lose their strength to keep your teeth straight and aligned. Your mouth will also develop white and red sores. You will experience discomfort and pain while eating and drinking. Your gums may also begin to bleed from the trauma of the sores. These sores can even appear on your throat. The discomfort slowly begins to take over until you can’t recall what it feels like to feel normal.

Oral cancer also becomes a possibility down the line. The hazardous chemicals repeatedly assault your mouth tissues. You are much more likely to get throat cancer as well. You will also likely experience hypertension as a result of nicotine absorption. Heart diseases are the number one killers in America, and your use of smokeless tobacco increases your risks. You could also develop painful ulcers from ingesting these smokeless tobacco compounds. Your body will fight back, but your constant use puts your health at a distinct disadvantage. You will certainly be riddled with health problems.


Quitting is an easy decision if you value your health. It will be difficult at first to shake off the habit of putting chewing tobacco in your mouth. You will feel nervous and anxious without the high dose of nicotine in your system. You will find the urge to put things in your mouth intolerable at first. That’s why you need to invest in gum and healthy snacks to keep you occupied. There are also smokeless alternatives such as herbal snuff that many people find useful. A healthy diet and some quality sleep will also go a long way toward your tobacco-free life. Taking care of your body is a great way to begin the rest of your life.

You also need a support system. Tell your family and friends about your detailed plan to quit using smokeless tobacco. They will be behind you every step of the way. It always helps to have as many people in your corner as possible. They want what is best for you, so they should be willing to help any way they can. People who gain motivation from people they respect have higher success rates than those who don’t. You can begin a whole new outlook on life by quitting smokeless tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco isn’t a substance to take lightly. The use of it can lead to devastating impacts on a person’s health and wellness. Some issues related to smokeless tobacco use aren’t very serious, but other effects can be deadly. If you would like to quit, then there is never a better time to claim your good health than today. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You can do it. You just have to believe in yourself.

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