Smooth Move: a Checklist for Relocating from India to the UK

Smooth Move: a Checklist for Relocating from India to the UK 

The excitement is building for your cross-continent relocation from India to the UK. There are many moving parts and you’re thrilled about your adventure, but wonder how it is all going to work. Moving day will be here before you know it. Use this checklist to help lessen the stress and guide you through the process.

Relocating from India to the UKCheck Your Paperwork

Is your passport ready to go? You may already have a passport, but flip through the pages and check the expiration date in case you need to renew it. With a move to the UK, a visa is also required. Determine what visa option works best for you depending on whether it is a short-term move, permanent residency or for more schooling. Moving with younger children? Don’t forget to update immunization records.

UK Driving Test

If you plan to get around your new city, you might need a driver’s license. Save yourself some time by studying the written portion of the exam ahead of time. With all the details of the move, the last thing you need to add to your plate is trying to cram for the exam after you move. Check out TopTests for free mock tests on the written portion of the driver’s license test and pass on the first try!

Create a Budget

A move comes with expenses, of course, but knowing exactly how much things will cost in the UK will help with any sticker shock. How do you start? Research information on the Internet, talk to friends who are already living in the UK or price big-ticket items, like living accommodations, by calling apartments or an agency. Also, find a bank in the UK to fit your needs. It is a good idea to establish a bank account as soon as possible, so when you arrive, there isn’t any delay in making payments or transferring funds.

Game Plan for Living Arrangements

Do you own any property right now? If you own a flat or house in India, are you planning to sell it or rent it to others? When you move to the UK, are you planning to buy or rent? Answering these key questions will make it easier to know what you are able to afford and pinpoint where you want to live in the UK. The last thing you want to do is scramble for housing after you get there. Do your homework and research options through agencies, find accommodations with websites like Loot and set up appointments to view properties as soon as you arrive.

Look for Job Options

You may already have a job lined up, but if you don’t, update your CV with your most recent qualifications, polish your cover letter and do a search online to see what options are available for work. Some industries in the UK require paperwork which shows your trade qualifications. Contact the right people while you are in India for this document as it might be harder to do so after you move.

Shipping Your Items

If this is a permanent move, you may want to ship your household items. Save money by researching which companies do what for international moves and allow enough time so you are able to compare prices and find the best rate.

Make Your Sightsee List

It can’t be all business, right? After all, you are making an exciting move into a new city and want to soak up some of the local cultures. Balance out the details of the move with some plans to sightsee in the UK. Explore Buckingham Palace, London Tower or even explore the English countryside!

It’s easy to forget some of the details as you plan your move to the UK. Do your homework, make a list and hit the ground running even before you get there!

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