Snacks That Work For People With Type II Diabetes

Snacks That Work For People With Type II Diabetes

Various snacks are great for those who have type II diabetes including foods that feature protein, fiber and healthy carbs. You can use all sorts of great foods including grains, meats, fruits and vegetables provided that you choose correctly. You have to find good foods that are easy to process and use in your body without rising issues within anything you consume.

Snacks for Type II Diabetes

Being able to control your blood sugar and appetite are critical if you have type II diabetes. Planning a good diet is always important, especially when you are in between meals. You must be careful when choosing something that you know is easy to have without being hard on your body.

There are a few good things for your body that could help you keep you from struggling with difficult issues relating to your blood sugar levels. These are all smart ideas for your body that provide you with the help you require without being too hard to use. But you will still have to think about some special considerations for when you are aiming to have good foods to manage your body.

What Goes Into Good Snacks?

When finding snacks for type II diabetes, you have to look into a few points. These relate to specific things that are in the foods you take in:

  • Protein is needed for added energy. This is to help you keep a healthy metabolic rate going so you can break down fats as they come along.
  • A small amount of fat can work in your snacks if handled right. Fats may be used for helping you attain additional energy for your daily needs. The fats should be natural to any food although it is best to clear out any visible fat that you see from your food before actually consuming it.
  • Fiber prevents you from feeling overly hungry throughout the day. It also keeps you from having uncontrollable blood sugar levels.
  • A good amount of carbohydrates are needed but you should not have too many. Whereas a healthy meal may contain around 60 grams of carbs, a snack should only go with around 15 to 20 grams.

With all these points in mind, it helps to look at a few options when finding ideal snacks for managing your type II diabetes.

Foods for Type II Diabetes That Are Ideal In Between Meals


Various nuts are good snacks for diabetes but almonds are among the best ones to have. Almonds prevent blood sugar spikes from developing. They also contain more fiber than most other nuts, thus keeping your appetite under control. Almonds do contain a sizeable amount of fat though. You should stick to around two tablespoons of almonds for a snack so you do not use more than needed.


Hummus is a popular spread that is made from chickpeas. It is noted for having fiber and protein and can create quite a healthy flavor to all sorts of vegetables. This does well when mixed with vegetables like carrots or celery. It works especially well if you have a small amount of hummus on each bit of vegetables that you consume as this does have a good amount of calories. A single tablespoon already has 25 calories.


Raspberries are perfect for regulating your blood sugar levels as they are rich in flavonoids. These also contain antioxidants needed for keeping your body energetic while clearing out old waste materials. They also contain acids that may help with keeping fats from developing too quickly in your body. When used with a healthy low-fat diet, it may be easier for you to keep your body under control without riskig any added weight in the process.


The apple contains about 20 grams of carbohydrates on average and keeps blood sugar levels in check. It prevents blood sugar levels from being far too difficult to manage. You could add a small bit of peanut butter to your apple to create a more detailed flavor while also adding a small bit of protein.

Cottage Cheese

A typical cup of cottage cheese provides you with about 25 grams of protein. The added calcium also gives you healthy bones.

Watch for the fat content though. Low-fat cottage cheese products that have been strained are always available at supermarkets.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are prominent products that feature real rice grains that have been shaped into cake-sized bodies and are fully dehydrated. These are easy to consume and enjoy in many spots. These regulate your blood sugar levels quite well and do not cause spikes. Of course, you should look for whole grain rice cakes for the best results.

You could always add peanut butter or other spreads onto a rice cake if desired. A small bit of peanut butter always adds a great tone that fits in well but you should at least look at how well you add it. You do not want to add more onto your rice cake than necessary or else you might add far too many calories onto it.

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Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is different from traditional yogurt in that it is strained to remove its whey. This creates a thicker texture. It also contains a large amount of protein in comparison with other compounds. A typical contain of Greek yogurt has around 17 grams of protein for every 100 calories. You will also get calcium for improving upon your bone health.

But when finding Greek yogurt, it is best to use a basic plain yogurt mix and add your own fruits into it. Raspberries are great although other berries could be added too. The problem with some Greek yogurt containers that have added flavors is that they put in extra sugars and preservatives just to keep the texture and flavor intact. Sticking with plain Greek yogurt and your own added fruit toppings is the best way to go.

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Raisins are small and easy to carry around and eat anywhere. More importantly, they can lower blood pressure levels and will not increase your blood sugar levels. This is interesting considering how raisins contain about 25 grams of sugar for every small one-ounce box. Still, you should be careful when having raisins as you don’t want to consume more than what you could afford.

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Chicken Noodle Soup

They say that chicken noodle soup is a comforting food that is always enjoyable at any time. It definitely works as a great snack. A cup of chicken noodle soup contains noodles with starchy carbs that keep your hunger under control plus protein from chicken. You could even add turkey instead of chicken for fewer calories or even a bit of extra potato for fiber.

Whatever the case is, make sure you stick with low-sodium chicken noodle soup. Anything with too much sodium could cause you to retain more water weight.

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Turkey Sandwich

A simple turkey sandwich gives you protein and healthy fats to go through your day. It works best when paired with whole grain bread that will not cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Whole grain bread has a lower glycemic index total and is easier for your body to tolerate. But it is even better for you if you added leafy greens over the turkey instead of bread, what with greens offering fiber and fewer calories.

You must watch for the turkey you get though. Fresh turkey is always best. Processed lunchmeats might sound convenient but they will actually hurt as they contain additives and various artificial ingredients.

Egg Salad

The egg is noteworthy for having protein and vitamin D without adding too much fat. Mash a hard-boiled egg with a teaspoon of low-fat mayonnaise and add whole grain bread or crackers to add a good taste with a detailed texture that is always worth adding to your diet.

Dark Chocolate

It is true that you should be cautious if you are going to consume sweets like chocolate. Such foods could impact your blood sugar levels in a negative manner.

But one option that is worth looking at is dark chocolate. It is a cocoa product that has not been heavily processed. It helps maintain your blood sugar level and makes it easier for you to take in insulin without problems.

This does well but it helps to use only a small amount of dark chocolate at a given time. About half an ounce could be useful as a snack. Also, look for something that has not been accented with any extra flavors or other compounds as such additives might not be all that healthy or easy to handle.

A Few Final Points

There are a few good things to see as you are aiming to get the most out of your snacks:

Type of Food Special Considerations Ideal Choices
Starchy vegetables Look for fiber in any starchy vegetables Whole grains, brown rice, sweet potatoes
Vegetables Opt for fiber-rich vegetables Dark green vegetables, particularly lettuce and spinach
Fruits Whole fruits are best while berries do well for regulating blood sugar Various berries, whole apples
Dairy products Low-fat dairy items at needed; all things should be organic and without additives Greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, skim milk
Meats Always remove skins from meats and trim off any visible fats Chicken and turkey

Be certain that you look at how well you can get the most out of your snacks. Type II diabetes can be tough to manage unless you have the proper snacks on hand to give you the best possible control.

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