5 Social Media Expression: Fashion and Fun!

5 Social Media Expression: Fashion and Fun!

Social Media Expression A big part of the enjoyment that comes from social media is going to be how well you express yourself online. And two of the big categories that you’ll be enjoying are the ideas of fashion and fun. But where exactly do you get your ideas from, and what can you do to start these social posting journeys?

Consider the following – begin with your shoes, find opportunities for suits and smiles, think about customer t-shirt designs, aim for active shots, and groups in motion are always compelling. Just with those few suggestions, you can start working toward lots of great, expressionistic posts on your feeds.

Social Media Expression

Start With the Shoes

One of the ways that lots of people enjoy life is by expressing themselves with their shoes. Whether you’re into sports, pop culture, business ventures, or club concepts, your shoes will often allow you to define yourself to other people in the same demographic. So if you’re going to post something fun to your social feeds, snap a quick pick of what’s on your feet and put it up on your profile. People will either appreciate or ignore it, but it can be a nice little jolt of happy energy in your timeline.

Suits and Smiles

And if you’ve signed up for Instagram, you know how popular photos are of swimsuits and smiles. If you’re near the beach, at the water, by a pool – anywhere that a suit is appropriate, snap a photo and put it out there. There are a million filters and tweaks that you can do on the spot to really make it pop out at being creative as well. Share with your friends and enjoy the attention!

Custom T-Shirt Designs

If you’re any kind of a business person, you know how important customization is when it comes to things like branding, so if you’re going to live your brand, you might as well promote it on your social feeds! Think about printing some custom t-shirts, and then wear them around when you take a few selfies. Organic promotions at their finest.

Active Shots

There’s a big difference between posting photos of static activities and active ones. Make sure you have a good balance of the two as part of your social media expression of yourself, even if it’s just gentle motions like walking down the road or playing with your pets. Actions translate well into photography.

Groups Of Friends

There’s an interesting association that people have when it comes to social profiles as well, that people in groups are more attractive. So, if you want to add some energy and attractiveness to your social output, think about having yourself as part of a collective in a few more photos, perhaps out at a park, or even dancing at an event.


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