Solta Island Croatia Eco Paradise for Summer Holiday

Solta Island Croatia Eco Paradise for Summer Holiday

Solta Island Croatia Eco Paradise: The island of Solta is an ideal destination for your summer holiday. It is a place where you can fully relax and yet stay active. Solta is one of the lesser known Croatian islands despite being located in Dalmatia, very close to Split. However, it’s excellent quiet off the beaten track option that’s very easy to reach from the mainland whether you’re interested in visiting on a day trip or fancy a more extended stay.

Solta Island Croatia
Solta Island Croatia

Solta is the 13th largest island in Croatia located in the Adriatic Sea to the south of split, east of Drvenik islands in the central Dalmatian archipelago and west of island Brac. Its size is about 60 square kilometers, and the coastal length is approximately 80 km. This beautiful island has a population of about 1500 individual, and it has a connection to the mainland via car ferry and catamaran. You can enjoy several fulfilled activities when in Solta. Solta is popular for boating. The macchia, herbs, and shrubs that carpet the island are perfect beekeeping pastures, which is why Solta is famous for its honey.

So let’s have a look at a few enjoyable activities that you must try when you are on this fabulous island.

How to get to the island of Solta: you can get to Solta by ferry or catamaran which departs daily from the port of Spilt. The ferry ride takes an hour, and it docks in Rogac.


Stay in shape, take a walk, ride a bike, dive and sail on Solta:

You’ll love Solta if you like diving, sailing or riding a bike. Thanks to numerous untouched bays and treasures they hide in their depths. Solta is slowing growing into an accessible diving location. The most popular diving location is the bays of Livka Stracinska, Kranjska on the northern side of the island.

Ride bikes on the roads of Solta: Solta has bike routes from Maslinica to Stomorska via a different tarmac road which is a mountain bike route that ends in Stomorska. But this road is perfect for riding your bikes along the groves of olive trees, japjenmice and dry stone fields with a pleasant view of the sea.

Quad Safari:

Now to take it up a notch how about experiencing all that Solta has to offer behind the handlebars of a Quad bike? This is bound to make your Instagram feed livelier than the topical sun sea and cocktail pic that everyone posts.

Hike to Vela Straza:

Vela Straza is famous as the highest point of the island Solta, and it offers you an excellent opportunity to go hiking and reach its 237-meter high peak. Enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding peninsula while hiking also you can see the split and adjacent tall mountains as you hike.

Explore Bays and Beaches:

You can find lots of fabulous bays and enchanting beaches in Solta. You can enjoy water activities such as swimming and sailing at bays and beaches. Discover some of the best harbors on the southern side of the island, and you can reach them only via boat. Also, you can enter some bays by walking for about 40 minutes on the walking paths. All beaches in Solta are famous for being pebble stone beaches and not sandy like other beaches.


Rogac is a dock for all ferries from Split and thus the first view of Solta that visitors have. There’s a small tourist office, a cafe, Jadrolinija stall, and ATM. There’s also an excellent restaurant. Pasarela serves up the freshest possible fish, pasta, and pizza. Dine either indoors or under the shades in a stepped terrace on the edge of the sea. A narrow beach is right nearby.


Maslinica has all the vibe of a fisherman’s village, great beaches, restaurants, services, and the island’s best hotel. The town center is filled with stone houses clustered around a deep bay. Walk west around the cove to a series of small, pebbly beaches and a cafe-bar. Beaches face directly west, making it a great place to watch the sunset.


Necujam has been a popular tourist destination for decades because of its vast bay. Even the Romans holidayed at Necujam. The rocky beach is the main attraction. There’s also a public swimming pool for gentler bathing. There are four restaurants, a beach bar, and even a discotheque to liven up your summer evenings. In summer the beach fills up with visitors staying in many bayside apartments that have recently been constructed.

Accommodation on Solta Island:

There’s a good selection of accommodation on the island- mainly villas, private apartments and rooms throughout all the little towns. The only hotel is the Martinis Marchi heritage Hotel in Maslinica. There is also no shortage of places and studios throughout the island. During the off-season, the selection narrows dramatically with Necujam and Stomorska being the only sure bets. If you are doing your catering, remember that there are markets in Maslinica, Grohote, and Stomorska only.


The very thought of pristine nature and its green and blue oases will make you eager to visit Solta and treat yourself to one of its world-famous treasures honey known for its therapeutic properties, protected extra-virgin olive oil or superb red wine made from indigenous island grapes.

The bay of Sesula has been constructed to shelter numerous boats and ships during strong windstorms, so it has become one of the most visited caves in the middle Dalmatian archipelago. If you decide to visit the island of Solta in your arrangement by your vehicle, rest assured this is an excellent place to drop the anchor down. Selsula is also home to two excellent restaurants, Sismis and Sesula, and it is also possible to anchor in front of them. Apart from restaurants, there is a diving center and a fish farm nearby. Even thou there are several houses there, you will undoubtedly have a very peaceful and undisturbed environment to enjoy swimming.

For sunset dining head to Restoran Sampler, where you can watch the sky change color from a glassed-in the terrace. Truffles and shrimp is a delicacy. As the restaurant is on a hill, it’s convenient that they offer a free shuttle.

Solta is so pure and clean that most tourist guides don’t have anything to write about, and that is precisely why this island is one of the fascinating places you should see.

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