Sportsdigita’s software, used by major sports teams, sees growth during pandemic

Angelina Lawton

: John Wagner

SportsDigga, a cloud-based presentation software company owned by former National Hockey League executive Angelina Lawton, sees the opportunity amid an epidemic as sports teams trade online rather than in person.

The company, which counted Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Yankees among its customers, is raising $ 10 million to $ 25 million in Series A funding. It could use some money that rasies by Kovid-19 to get small firms financially hurt.

Sportsdigita is a membership-based software company, which has seen an increase in in-meeting meetings since Covid-19. It provides customized presentations and integrates video conferencing and presentation software. It competes with other services such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams, both included in an Office subscription.

But SportsDigita considers itself a “power point on steroids” because its DigiDec software provides customized presentations for sales and marketing groups of sports teams who use them in pitches with corporate partners. Lawton said the professional services of Sportsdigita’s Digideck platform, which come with subscriptions, help to stand out against competitors.

“There’s a big difference between us and our competitors,” Lawton said. “We really do the heavy lifting with creative and design services. We will do the presentation and hand over the teams once, as long as they are our competitors, who will sell their product and then it is up to the company or the company.” ” Professional team to put your package together. SportsDigita has membership ranging from $ 20,000 to $ 500,000.

Lawton said that the coronovirus epidemic also spread the development cycle of sportsdigita.

“Prior to this, we were relying on airplanes and face-to-face meetings,” Lawton reported, noting the product was not scheduled to launch until 2021 or 2022 but was preferred due to the epidemic.

Lawton said Series A funding would help sports employees gain market share, among other companies that offer sales enablement software. Marketsetmark said in 2019 that sales enablement would be a $ 2.6 billion market by 2024.

Sportsdigita took a $ 3 million seed round in 2017 led by venture capital company Peak6 Investments. One of its investors is noted Minnesota sports journalist Sid Hartman, who died on October 18. Lawton said the company has 40 employees and wants to grow to 60 by 2021.

“In a baseball game, we’re in the fourth inning,” Lawton explained, describing the future of SportsDigesta. “These next innings will be critical to our success because of how we move and move forward.”

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