Stages of Care in Your Medical Timeline

Stages of Care in Your Medical Timeline

Stages of Care: Though it can feel like the most important time to think about your medical care is always the immediate present. It really makes sense to think holistically about your entire medical care timeline as something like a connected event. In other words, you need to know the basics of the entire medical spectrum as it relates to age or stage of your life.

Stages of Care

To illustrate this, consider paediatrics, the ages when you’re getting sports physicals. What kind of medical care young adults will typically need? The smart care you’ll get during your middle ages, and then late-life. Medical needs as they pertain to you and your family.


You obviously can’t learn about paediatrics as a child, but certainly, as a parent, you need to be aware of several things about it. Where is the nearest paediatric hospital?

What kinds of diseases or treatments are the most common?

What are the costs associated with paediatrics?

Depending on what kind of insurance is available to you via your current job?

Knowing these things in advance of needing to know these things is a key to being a responsible parent at the very least.

Sports Physicals Age

 In grade school and high school, if your kids are active at all, then they’ll be getting sports physicals through the school. These checkups are a good idea also because they can indicate a number of conditions that your child may have. During sports physicals, kids will often get checked for things like scoliosis, flat feet, or heart conditions. Early indications of all of those things can help you plan for long-term medical treatment as necessary.

Medicine For Young Adults

In the adolescent years, medical attention is going to change a bit. You’ll be dealing with things like birth control, choosing acne treatments. Broken bones and sprains from athletics, and conditions that come from the raging hormones. That are smashing through people at that age as well. Young adults are typically healthy and active. But there may also be early indicators of conditions that can be treated early. As well, like issues with blood sugar or allergies.

Care for Middle Age

When you’re in the middle age part of your medical timeline, there will be another medical transition. Aches and pains will become more prevalent, and elective surgeries are going to be nestled in here as well, especially dealing with medical conditions that result in obesity.

Late-Life Medical Needs

Late-life medical needs include things like assisted living or hospice environments. The more that you discuss these types of things in advance, the better you can control the budgets surrounding them as well, specifically when you’re interested in the quality of life issues as age becomes really advanced.

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