Steel Snow Plow Blades: An Overview

Winter brings with it colder weather, ice, and snow. While snow is certainly scenic it can make driving highly difficult. In areas where snow is common, it is something that residents and businesses simply have to learn to live with. Snowplowing services can help keep roads and parking lots clear of snow accumulation, making the colder parts of the year easier to live and work with. Snow removal companies provide an essential service during this part of the year, and you are no doubt familiar with it. As a professional, keeping your equipment in top working order is key to providing your clients the service they have come to expect and need. Replacing your steel snow plow blades as they age or become damaged ensures you can safely remove snow from the places it accumulates.

Steel Snow Plow Blades
Steel Snow Plow Blades

Why Use Steel Blades?

Steel blades are one of the most common choices for snowplows and see widespread use, making them easy to fit to an assortment of snow removal trucks, including older ones. The reasons for this are the useful advantages steel blades offer for snow removal. Steel blades are highly effective at dealing with heavily packed snow and ice which can easily accumulate on road surfaces. Also, steel snow plow blades are affordable, and this low cost makes their maintenance and replacement much less of a financial burden. By buying high-quality steel blades, you not only get a good deal but also reduce replacement costs. In general, you’ll want to look for steel that has been heat-treated as it lasts longer and is durable.

Things To Look Out For

As with any tool, it is also important to understand proper use and areas of concern. Steel blades have to be properly installed if you want them to last. While a steel blade can be used without shoes or guards, it will wear down far quicker without these protective measures. Without precautions, you can easily go through several blades each winter driving up your upkeep and replacement expenses. Steel blades can also damage certain surfaces if you are not careful when using them. Finally, steel blades can be noisy and in residential areas, this can be a concern depending on when snow removal is performed.

Steel Versus Other Options

Snow plow blades are available in several material types. Steel, as noted above, has many advantages to offer. However, it is important to consider other types of blades to see how they compare, so you can make the wisest purchase for your needs.

  • Polyethylene Snow Plows: another popular choice. Poly plows are made of hard plastic and are resistant to damage, retaining their color and being hard to dent. When compared to steel plows poly plows do cost more and weigh more when installed due to the need for a heavier frame to support them.
  • Stainless Steel: bright and shiny stainless steel plows are another popular option. Stainless steel plow blades are durable, resisting surface scratching and snow accumulation. Stainless steel also retains color and is designed to be rust-resistant. A downside of stainless steel is it can be prone to becoming cracked or dented. So if you plow in areas with rough surfaces or have a lot of rocks and gravel a stainless steel blade may not be the best choice for your needs.

Final Thoughts

To provide the best service, you need effective tools. Your truck’s snow plow blade is a key part of snow removal, and you certainly couldn’t do the job without them. Before the snowiest part of the year, you’ll want to ensure your snow plow blades are in top working order and be sure to make any needed replacements.

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