How to purchase a Style Classic White Button Down

Classic White Button Down

As we all know, a classic white button-down is a fashion necessity for everyone (not only for girls). If you don’t have one you should certainly get it as soon as possible, or you’ll be missing out on some really stylish looks!

Trends may come and go, but white button-downs have been around for so long we can honestly say they are here to stay. Make sure you have at least one in your closet, which doesn’t have to exhaust your finances if you look for a promo code. Nowadays there are coupons for pretty much everything and you’ll easily find lots of them for white button-downs!

Now that you know how essential this piece of clothing is for your style, we will present you a few ways you can look incredibly stylish effortlessly:

Classic White Button

1 – Wear it with a pair of jeans

Jeans also came to stay, just like white button-downs! You need to pair them, and they’ll go together like chocolate and strawberries. This is a timeless look that’s easy, cheap and stylish; what more could you ask for?

2 – Pair it with a skirt

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what type of skirt you pair it with: be it long or a mini, black or blue – anything goes! As long as you don’t pick something really horrible, you are going to look absolutely amazing.

3 – Make it stand out with great sneakers

SneakersSometimes you don’t need to focus on the upper body to look stylish at all. You can simply wear a white button-down, some eye-catching sneakers and low-key pants to look like you just came out of a designer store. As long as you pick the right sneakers, ones that will make you and your shirt look good, you are going to be alright.

4 – With leather

A white-button down, a leather jacket, some jeans and a great pair of shoes with a watch on your wrist and a bag on your shoulder. Can you imagine how good you’ll look? You can consider it a life-hack that you can use and the whole outfit isn’t going to be as expensive as one might think, provided you don’t go shopping in the most expensive stores possible. Remember that when in doubt you can always use coupons!

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