STYLE – have players become more fashion conscious?

STYLE – have players become more fashion conscious?

Fashion conscious Yes, of course, nowadays all players including cricket players are quite aware of their style. Fashion conscious in stark contrast to say two or three decades back from now.  When the impact of globalisation was very limited. But as time passed, new scientific techniques and discoveries were made with an objective to enhance the productivity.

Simultaneously, the cricket governing bodies across the globe have sufficient funds available to them so as to promote this game, make it even more attractive. In this context, the cricketing enthusiasts engage in various types of social advertising, marketing to help the cricketers and boost their brand value.

Fashion conscious
Fashion conscious

Why the need for cricketers to stay presentable among the public?

Chronologically, as the popularity of the game increased in various parts of the world, business persons contemplate of pushing more funds as investments in the match. With the growth in the number of sponsors in a tournament, players get the necessary exposure among the public. It is, therefore, necessary on the part of the players to remain presentable before the public, and as a consequence, they need to pay adequate attention to their styles.

Also, many companies sign reputed players for various advertising programs in a bid to endorse their products and services. It is, therefore, necessary for professional causes to stay in style so that the business and brands associated with a cricketer can get the returns that they expect.

The need for style in the modern day cricketing fraternity

Earlier by cricketing events, people meant world cup, but in recent times many shorter versions of the game have emerged. These versions of the game hosted on an international level with a full cross section of global population witnessing such events. As a part of promoting the game on a global scale, it is very necessary for the players to flaunt their style, and engage directly in the process of marketing. Staying in style is a fundamental requirement for the current cricketing fraternity as it boosts the marketing value of a cricketer. Like any other business activity, in this game too, there is a need for marketing as such practice enhances the different brands associated with the sport.

The need for looks and appearances to promote company brands

In the modern era, cricketers are watched widely on the field, playing the game, either by calling, batting or fielding, therefore, those guys who are a bit macho in their looks, appearances, simultaneously having excellent presentation and communication skills add value to the game. Expertise and talents do matter, but at the same time, since a team represents a nation or a franchise therefore for brand promotion and other business activities it is important that the team members gifted with appealing looks.  In this respect, it needs to say that especially the franchise owners target the female audiences across the globe and make their team in such a way so that such arrangement impacts the minds of the female fans. Above are an important way to promote the sport.

What type of fashion products are promoted by cricketers?

Since olden times it has been observed that cricketers prefer developing brands producing products like suits, sunglasses, wrist watches, motorcycles, cars, different types of soft drinks, condoms, and a wide range of other products. For doing such endorsement acts, they are compensated handsomely by the companies. There are some cricketers who just by doing endorsements have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth.

When a company approaches a cricketer for brand endorsements, then it is not just because of that individual’s performance but because of that person’s popularity among masses. Paid advertising and marketing companies who endeavours to elevate the brand value of a player among masses like any other business using appropriate strategies and techniques and after enhancement of brand value than that particular candidate becomes an ideal entity to engage in brand endorsement programs for reputed companies.

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