Style Tips for The Young Professional

Style Tips for The Young Professional

As a young professional, you’re busy. You are always on the go and planning your next move. Naturally, you want to look good doing all this. Cultivating a great personal style makes you stand out in the office and shows that you have a good eye for the finer things in life. It can even have subtle psychological effects, making clients feel more comfortable with you.

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How you dress yourself is a personal thing, but we can offer some broad tips on what will bring your look together

The rest is up to you.


It’s amazing how much a shower and shave will do. Personal grooming has a huge effect on how people perceive you – it makes you seem more trustworthy and more attractive.

Keeping yourself neat also has positive benefits for your own mental state. Studies show that even the simple act of applying deodorant can improve your body image, making you feel better about how you appear to others. This leads to a boost in confidence, which your clients will see immediately.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

Sharp Dressed Man

There is something about a suit that is classic and timeless. It’s unlikely that the suit will ever be replaced as the best wardrobe choice for the discerning businessman.

Buying a good suit is an investment. If you buy one-off the rack from TJ Max, people will be able to tell. Save up and be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars. Having your suit tailored to fit you will make it look even better.

Don’t start off by buying anything too flashy. A simple grey or blue suit is best. It’s flexible and can be made somber, fun, or daring with the right shirt and tie underneath.

Your suit is an investment, so take care of it like one.

Pay to have all your clothes dry cleaned regularly.

Details Pull It Together

If clothes make the man, details make the outfit. Choosing the right accessories can take your outfit from drab to sharp in no time. A tie clip is an interesting accessory that is less common in offices these days – match it to your cufflinks and it will show the care you put into dressing yourself.

Youngh Professional
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If you want to add some flash, try a pair of bright or patterned socks. They won’t be visible most of the time, but when you sit down, you’ll be showing off your bold flair.

A watch is a classic accessory for a businessman. Buying a watch is another investment you should save up for. A large watch communicates power and success. It looks great with a suit, and you won’t have to check your phone for the time anymore.

Be Confident

Follow these tips and you are sure to walk into your office with confidence and pride. These are the most attractive qualities of all. When you are confident in yourself, people will be compelled to follow you just to see where you’re headed.

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