Sustaining Community Through Comprehensive Business Practices

Sustaining Community as a Whole Through Comprehensive Business Practices

Sustaining Community :As an entrepreneurial visionary and renowned philanthropist, Sukanto Tanoto maintains there are more meaningful components that define a successful business than the simple acquisition of funds. In addition to financial capital, it is his belief that both social and human capital play an equal part. It is this focus on the human aspects of successful business management that set Tanoto apart from many others in the entrepreneurial world.
Sustaining Community
Human capital as defined by Tanoto is the sum total of the education, experience, personality and intelligence possessed by any one person. Effectively harnessing this grand potential can lead to benefits in a business that far outweigh the sum of its parts. An example of how to hone and guide human capital can be found in programs such as Human Capital Singapore, a foundation that seeks to train human re managers in strategies that will support, nurture and complement a company’s workforce. Viewing people rather than money as the ultimate treasure of a business allows a change in priority and direction that will ultimately benefit a corporation and give it an edge against competitors who lack the vision to properly harness this boundless potential.
Social capital, according to the definition set out by Tanoto, is comprised of the links forged by successful relationships within a company and between two corporations. It is the network created by individuals with a common goal that strive to aid one another in accomplishing extraordinary things. Such partnerships can not only benefit multiple corporations, but even society as a whole.
Tanoto’s own organization, RGE, is one of the first companies to incorporate this ethos into the “three Ps,” people, production and planet. Supporting and nurturing a workforce, keeping an eye on successful financial practices and doing all of this in a way that is not detrimental to the environment is the principle by which Tanoto has built a multi-billion dollar business conglomerate.
Together with his wife, Tinah Bingei Tanoto, Tanoto founded the Tanoto Foundation, an organization devoted to diminishing the effects of poverty within a community, as well as empowering disadvantaged people through education, training and medical care. These strategies seek to address all of the factors that hold people back from attaining success. Tanoto found that when people are aided in such a fashion, local communities are also consequently bolstered and society as a whole can benefit immensely. The Tanoto Foundation also seeks to address the unpredictable devastation wrought by events such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis by providing a network of aid centers that can provide emergency services and supplies for stricken communities.
It is this visionary dedication to people as the ultimate re that sets Tanoto apart from so many business moguls who seek financial gain as the ultimate reward. Though preferring to let his actions speak for his philanthropy, his corporations and foundations have produced results that telegraph the undeniable effectiveness of Tanoto’s methods to the wider world and will undoubtedly inform training in successful business ethics and human res management for decades to come.

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