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Chelsie Harrison is co-owner of Sweet Peach Tattoo with @emgormleytattoo in St. Helens, Merseyside, where she creates soft, girly and cute tattoos. We love Chel’s work so we had to find out more about the artist behind the tattoos…

Sweet as a peach Chelsie Harrison – ThingsInk

We love your cute girly style, would you describe it like that? Yes, I describe it as a feminine take on the traditional style tattoo. I draw things that I would like to have on my own body and I think the traditional never goes out of style!

What inspires and influences your tattoos? To be honest, almost everything inspires me, from watching TV to taking walks. I have to jot down ideas before I forget them, my phone is saved with screenshots of things that give me ideas on what to draw – flowers, cartoons, patterns and colors.

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What do you like to tattoo and draw and what would you like to do more? I’m a huge Moomins fan, I love tattooing anything Moomin related, me and @emgormleytattoo (who I work with) are both dinosaur obsessed and the studio is filled with a lot of dinosaur stuff, we we both love to draw them and have dinosaurs!

I would love to tattoo more traditional female head designs, I think they are so pretty and I have a few tattooed on myself! Cute animals are something I appreciate too and of course I still love flowers! I get excited when a client trusts my judgment completely and just wants my style and designs to be on their body.

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How long have you been tattooing? I have been tattooing for almost six years and loved every second of it. I entered it getting tattoos from local artists and always talking about how much I would love to tattoo, until one day my favorite artist who I was getting tattooed by at the time asked me on a date. you! (@ pau1terry_) We’ve been together ever since and he’s been the best partner in crime. He encouraged me to find an apprenticeship because he knew how great a job it is, he is so supportive and I love the fact that we are both tattoo artists. We can just talk about the industry together and ask each other for advice and opinions on the designs and tattoos we have made. He gives a lot of constructive criticism that has helped me improve myself in tattooing over the years.

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If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be? I always bet on tattooing so I didn’t really think about it, tattooing is my dream job and I’m so lucky to have a hobby of a lifetime as a job. If tattooing was out of place, I think I would love to work with kids in a nursery because Paul and I have a little boy together and he brings us so much joy and laughter.

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Can you tell us about your own tattoo collection. I have a mix of different styles, I like both blackwork and color. I have a lot of tattoos from my boyfriend Paul Terry. I’m in love with his job and I just let him rain free and he can tattoo anything on me! Some of my favorites are from a Leeds based artist called Lucy O’Connell, she made my chest, neck and forearm and absolutely adore them, her work is just amazing! I have already booked with her for more!

We went to Madrid last year while Paul was invited to do a guestpot at La Mujer Barbuda, I got a tattoo from one of my favorite artists Derbora Cherrys while I was there she tattooed a broken woman’s face with a peach on me and that’s just perfection!

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How do you feel about tattooing and tattoos? I love bringing people’s ideas to life, it’s crazy to think my artwork is on them forever! (if they don’t remove it, it is). I also love the way you meet so many nice people, the people I work with are like my family and a lot of clients that I would call my friends.

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