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Teespring has announced the launch of its new spring solution for content creators, designers and artists. Through rebranding for SPRING, Teespring says it is transforming its services to offer its own opportunities to leverage its creative products as well as increase its monetization opportunities.

The re-determination of the solution is the result of explosive growth on the platform. By January 2021, more than 450,000 verified creators have signed on to create their own socially integrated eCommerce store.

Teespring rebroadcasts as SPRING

The staggering development results in a large-scale pivot to record e-commerce activities during the epidemic, as well as Black Friday sales.

The revised platform will offer creatives more insight and audience size and social targeting. This in turn will help creatives leverage the platform to create various products and sell through SPRING’s industry social platform integration.

Currently available to creators for beta testing, the offering will include:

  • The offering of Teaspring is not only limited to supporters and influencers, but also helps brands and businesses reach customers on social platforms.
  • Several new features will launch with SPRING.COM to support 360-degree social commerce innovation and support.
  • Creators will have a fully branded ‘social store’ with their own custom domain, where they can host all of their products and basically connect to their social channels.
  • The manufacturer will also have the ability to sell its own digital products, including e-books, Lightroom photo filters and audio files.
  • The service is supported by backend support which includes dedicated manufacturer managers, custom product sourcing and fulfillment, 24/7 chat support and personalized design services.

Tapping into the social media marketplace

Teespring is a free platform that allows creators and influencers to create, promote and sell products at no cost or risk. Teespring provides support such as order fulfillment, customer service and shipping. Manufacturers in turn set the selling price and can keep 100% of the profit.

It provides end-to-end support for the creative economy by providing a platform for creators and impressed sellers on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram and Discord.

There is an increase in activity at Teespring in 2020, with new manufacturers growing by 135%. This is a 92% increase in the number of creators who are actively selling their products through the platform. Partnerships with the likes of eBay and Amazon, as well as the aforementioned platforms are responsible for record growth.

Picture: Teespring / Facebook


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