Thailand Travel Tips for Fun Time in This Spectacular Country

Thailand Travel Tips for Fun Time in This Spectacular Country

Thailand Travel Tips: Several points for travel to Thailand can be used to your benefit to give you a more exciting experience in the country. You must still look carefully at the rules involved with travelling and that you are cautious when being around others. You have to be respectful to make your trip all the more worthwhile.

Thailand Travel Tips
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Thailand is an important country in Southeast Asia. It is home to many important sites relating to the Buddhist faith. It includes many quaint temples and peaceful settlements all around. This all culminates in the modern city of Bangkok along the waterside.

Thailand even now boasts English-based schools, such as the Kindergarten School at Ascot for young children. This can be helpful in ensuring that your children continue to receive an education while travelling.

Thailand is a thrilling spot to visit but it is best that you watch for what you do while in the country. Several tips can be used to give you the best experience when travelling in the country. These include points relating to the etiquette standards you must follow.

Understand the Wai

The wai is a key greeting to notice while in Thailand. This is where you bow your head while your hands are together in a praying position. You must also bend from the waist when practicing the wai.

Always return a wai from anyone who gives it to you. This is especially if a monk does this to you.

Look For the Best Temples

There are clearly far too many prominent temples around Thailand to visit. Here are a few of the more unique temples worth visiting:

Name of Temple Location in Thailand Features
Wat Rong Khun Chiang Rai A bright white body symbolic of purity
Wat Tham Pha Plong Chiang Dao A tall stairwell that also offers meditation classes
Wat Suthat Bangkok Massive golden Buddha statue
Wat Pho Bangkok Home to an iconic reclining Buddha statue that is nearly 46 meters long; its feet illustrates how the Buddha led a perfect life
Wat Mahathat Bangkok One of the oldest temples in the country, it is also home to a Sunday market

Regardless of the temple you visit, always wear a long-sleeved outfit. Your chest and shoulders must be properly covered as you enter into a temple.

Use Proper Mosquito Repellant

Thailand has a very high mosquito population. Use a repellant with at least 50 percent DEET so you will stay protected.

Add a permethrin spray onto your clothes as you get into the country as well. Allow your clothes to air dry after adding the spray. It takes a bit for the spray to settle in.

Use Proper Etiquette

Make sure you follow the correct etiquette standards while in Thailand. Some of those rules include the following:

  • Do not point at anyone’s feet or cross your legs among other things that might cause your feet to become more noticeable. The feet are considered to be the dirtiest parts of the body.
  • Avoid touching anyone’s head in Thailand. The head is seen as a sacred part of the body. Also, anyone who offers a massage who wants to touch your head first is doing so as a means of showing respect towards you.
  • Never drop or stand on currency in Thailand. This is seen as a sign of disrespect to the monarchy. The image of the country’s leader is seen on all the currency in Thailand.
  • Do not point to a person or object when trying to guide someone to a place. Keep your palm facing downward as you move your arm out to guide a person. Pointing at something could be seen as being disrespectful and even sexually crude in some cases.

Be Aware of Tourist Fees

You might be asked to pay more for things as you are in Thailand. Most retailers and dining spots will charge extra to tourists. But that does not mean you will have to pay extra every time. You might be able to pay the same amount as a local if you look items in advance. You may also pay less if you enjoy something during off-peak hours. Some places might outright refuse your request to pay less though. Be aware of what could happen when getting ready to spend money in the country.

Be Prepared to Spend Extra on Air Conditioning

Although it is not all that hard to find accommodations in Thailand, you will have to spend extra on air conditioning. This will be worthwhile during the summer months when it gets to be very humid during the evening hours.

Enjoy Beer Instead of Wine

You should stick with beer instead of wine if you plan on drinking alcohol while in Thailand. Import taxes in Thailand make it so you might spend at least four times the total amount you would spend on wine in your home country.

Stick with beer as Singha and Chang are both very popular local brews. Be careful though as these have high alcohol content values.

Avoid Sex Sales

The last tip is to avoid engaging in any prostitution activities. It is true that sexual favors are available for sale all around Thailand but prostitution is illegal. It might also be very dangerous to your health.

Thailand is a thrilling country to explore. Make sure you think carefully about how well you will enjoy the country. Be ready to handle the proper rules of etiquette as well. Also, visit Tour Travel Hotels for more related information.

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