The Best Data Recovery Software for 2020

If you accidentally delete important files or photos, all hope is lost. Fortunately, if you have lost files or accidentally deleted them due to a failed hard drive, data recovery applications can help bring them back.

Before downloading and running any recovery software, you should stop using faulty drives if possible. The only time you should use it – especially if it is going to fail potentially soon – is to return it to a secondary drive.

Also, consider calling a professional data recovery company, as no software will work if your drive fails. If you lose data from a modern SSD, the same goes for it, making retrieving data extremely difficult.

Best recovery software at a glance

Stellar data recovery

The Best Data Recovery Software for 2020
Stellar Phoenix

Compatible with internal and external storage, physical media, and even cameras, Stellar data recovery It is believed by many to be the best data recovery tool available today. It can recover lost partitions and data from encrypted drives, clone entire disks, and even create system startup disks if your system fails to boot.

Available for MacOS and Windows 10, Stellar Data Recovery offers a free version that deletes up to 1GB of data, such as deleted photos, videos, and important files. It supports NTFS, exFAT and FAT (16/32) partition formats. However, for additional features and unlimited data recovery, you will need a premium version. Pricing starts at $ 80 for the professional version, up to $ 100 for the premium. If you want to recover RAID data, the Technician version sets you back $ 200.

Stellar data recovery may not be the cheapest option available, but it is your best shot at recovering just about any storage device.

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Easing Data Recovery Wizard

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EaseUS may have many different applications on offer, but they are all related to storage. Whether it is primarily to backup files or recover them later, its main focus is to protect your data. The company’s data recovery wizard is the best tool to help you find any lost file.

With the ability to recover files after hard drive damage, lost partitions, virus attacks, and more, it can recover over 1,000 different file types, so whatever you lost is going to be able to get it back. Stands a good chance.

If you only want to retrieve a small amount of data or try it out before going to a paid option, try the free version. The Pro version will set you back $ 150, but it also gives you unlimited data recovery and free technical support for life, as well as upgrades to new versions of the software.

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Prosoft Data Rescue 6

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Data Rescue 6 continues to improve the already excellent data rescue service, a great option for Windows 10 and MacOS users at home to recover a lot of data.

The software provides a very intuitive interface with several basic options: scan a drive to recover files, review preview scans to make sure you’ve got everything, and save data Manage your drive to help. The software also includes an easy file preview option so you can make sure the file is correct – or in a readable state before downloading. You have the option of receiving email notifications when the scan is complete.

Data Rescue 6 is ideal for those who cannot be sure where to begin. More experienced users will appreciate advanced search options and time machine compatibility. You can get a free demo to test the software at a nominal recovery, but the standard license starts at $ 19 per year, while the full license costs $ 428 per year.

Ontrack EasyRectify

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KLDiscovery is a company that provides a professional data recovery service, so that it should serve as a real testament to the effectiveness of ontrack data recovery software.

Considered a more professional tool than others on this list, it is comprehensive and incredibly fast at retrieving files from all types of file versions. It is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, and you can start and stop your file recovery even when it is convenient for you.

The original free version gives you a 1 GB recovery trial, while the $ 79 Home version offers unlimited recovery and most of the main features. For advanced features such as raw recovery and disk cloning, you’ll need the Professional Edition or higher, which starts at $ 109. RAID recovery requires the Technician version, which costs $ 499.

Whichever version you choose, you can also order a CD backup of your recovery software for $ 10 should you run into boot issues with your affected system.

Clever files disk drill

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Smart Files Disk Drill is another popular file recovery tool that comes in both free and paid versions. It supports internal and external drives, memory cards, cameras with internal storage, and the like. It can visualize Windows files and MacOS PCs.

A tricky feature is the ability to save files from being lost in the first place. Its “recovery vault” stores information about the files you delete, effectively acting as a secondary recycle bin. If you are deleting those files permanently, Disk Drill can help recover files without storing them in their entirety.

The free version limits you to 500MB of file recovery of byte-level backups, but you can preview any number of files to get an idea of ​​what is recoverable before paying for the pro version. It starts at $ 89 (with a lifetime upgrade for an additional $ 20) and gives a user the ability to recover from three devices and the Enterprise Edition for $ 499. However, you can get 50% off that price if you already own a competitive comparable-level product or are updating to an older version, and get 20% off for teachers, government organizations and nonprofits. Is exempt.

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