The Best Earbuds For Music In 2021: Audio Quality, Price, Bluetooth

Best earbuds for music: Enjoy your music library as it should be heard without headphones. They’re too small to be confined to your pocket. Headphones pairs can fit in the wallet too. The headphones are available in sizes 18-20, 24-20, and 32-20. Heat packs can be ordered on Amazon for $99 ($99.99).

Best wireless earbuds for 2021:

The best wireless headphones tend to be on the bigger side because size seems to matter. To deliver optimal performance and comfort best wireless headphones must fit into your ear. We wanted to get to know what other headphones you could buy for less then a few dollars in your bag. If your neck is too tight for in-ear headphones then you’re sadly disappointed at how you’re going to feel. So I’m recommending he or she buys a pair for your ears. Let us list the top wireless headphones with a detailed breakdown of features, such as performance, noise cancellation battery life and sound characteristics.

There’s no denying that earbuds are the most convenient style of headphones.

They’re extremely lightweight, small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket, and make a great headset for video calls in a pinch. One of the knocks against them is that they’re not a good choice for music lovers compared to on-ear or over-ear headphones.

This prevalent misconception is born out of bad experiences most of us had in the mid 2000s, when popular earbuds were inexpensive and largely disposable. You can still find good, cheap earbuds, but premium audio companies have spent a lot of time creating earbuds designed for music lovers.

It’s true that earbuds won’t sound the same as on-ear or over-ear headphones, but that doesn’t mean they’ll sound worse. Earbuds come with a lot of advantages that larger headphones don’t, like the ability to form a tight seal around your ear to create the perfect environment for portable music listening.

Best earbuds for music
Best earbuds for music

What Are the Best Earbuds for Music?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best earbuds for music; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Fit: All of the earbuds in this guide come with multiple sets of eartips at various sizes. Try a couple of sizes out to find the ones that fit your ears best, this will ensure a proper seal and optimal sound quality.

Bluetooth: Wireless earbuds are extremely convenient, but streaming music over Bluetooth compresses them, which reduces their audio quality. This won’t matter much if you’re listening to music on popular services like Spotify, but negates some of the benefits of streaming lossless music from TIDAL, or high resolution albums from your local music library.

Noise Cancellation: Noise cancellation is another convenience feature that can negatively impact sound quality. Turning it on uses your earbuds’ microphones to cancel outside noises by filtering out tones in certain frequencies. This can result in less bass, midrange, or treble from reaching your ears.

Battery Life: The Bluetooth earbuds in this guide last at least hours on a single charge, and come with battery cases that let you listen even longer after a short break.

1. Klipsch T5 II ANC

The T5 II ANC is Klipsch’s latest pair of true wireless earbuds, and they’ve got the premium look and feel you’d expect from companies like Apple.

We’ve tested the T5 II ANCs thoroughly, and have we’ve been impressed by their consistently excellent audio quality. There isn’t a song, podcast, or audio book that’s sounded anything less than perfect. We liked the way these earbuds sound out of the box, you can adjust their EQ to suit your preferences using Klipsch’s mobile app.

These earbuds support active noise cancellation, so if you work in a noisy environment, you won’t have to crank the T5 II ANCs volume up to block it out. Klipsch is using custom hardware and software to enable this feature, so you won’t get quite the same level of performance with any other earbuds.

Klipsch isn’t forthcoming about the T5 II ANCs’ battery life, we’ve been able to listen to music or podcasts at medium volume for several hours without running into any issues. The earbuds will tell you their battery status when they’re paired to your iPhone, and you can check it at any time using Klipsch’s app.

Klipsh’s T5 II ANC earbuds will satisfy even the most discerning music listeners; that’s doubly true if you care about aesthetics and overall build quality.

Buy: Klipsch T5 II ANC at $299.00

2. 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones

1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones


1More’s Quad Drive In-Ear Earbuds were designed from the ground up to deliver excellent performance when you’re listening to music.

Their namesake feature is a four driver design (most earbuds have one or two), so your music sounds clear and balanced. You won’t have to worry about overblown bass that drowns out the rest of a song, or treble that hurts your ears every time a drummer hits a cymbal. The drivers 1More used were turned by Luca Bignardi, a sound engineer who’s produced albums by Andrea Bocelli among others.

Because these are analog, wired earbuds you don’t have to worry about them running out of battery. On the flipside, you don’t have the option to turn on active noise cancellation if you’re in a loud environment.

That’s less of an issue because 1More includes nine sets of eartips in the box, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a set that fits your ears and isolates noise. The earbuds are also bundled with an adapter for in-flight entertainment systems, and a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter, so you can connect them into a headphone amp or DAC.

If you want a pair of audiophile analog earbuds for music listening, this set from 1More should be near the top of your list.

Buy: 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Earphones at $144.43

3. Master & Dynamic MW08

Master & Dynamics MW08

Master & Dynamics

The MW08s are Master & Dynamics’ latest true Bluetooth earbuds, and they deliver excellent audio quality, long battery life, and lots of great extras.

The earbuds use custom audio hardware, which M&D says was developed to mimic the sound you’d hear from a live performance. This impressive sound quality performance is paired with the latest Bluetooth technology, which ensures a perfect connection.

The MW08s have two levels of active noise cancellation, and two ambient music modes, which filter in some outside sounds. Transparency mode is useful if you want to listen to music while running, because you’ll still be able to hear other runners, bicyclists, or cars.

Enabling active noise cancellation will impact the MW08s’ audio performance, but Master & Dynamic says it won’t make a big difference. You always have the option to turn active noise cancellation off if you want to avoid this issue.

Master & Dynamic says the MW08s get up to 10 hours of continuous music listening with active noise cancellation turned on, and 12 if you have it turned off. It can get a 50% charge in 15 minutes, and fully recharge in 45 minutes. The earbuds’ battery case holds enough power to add 30 hours to your listening time, for a total of 42.

There’s no question that Master & Dynamics’ MW08s are the premium choice for audiophiles who prefer listening to music on Bluetooth earbuds.

Buy: Master & Dynamic MW08 at $299

4. UE Fits

UE Fits

Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears’ UE Fits use a new, custom technology called “Lightform” to form a mold of your ear. This process, which is painless and takes less than one minute, ensures you’ll get the perfect fit.

We’ve used the UE Fits for ourselves, and the difference between having a custom fit and relying on standard ear tips was immediately apparent. The earbuds were extremely comfortable and didn’t lose their shape over time. The mold they make is permanent, not temporary.

The music we listened to during our testing all sounded great, with an especially good bass response thanks to the tight seal. They don’t have active noise cancellation, but their noise isolation significantly reduced the number of unwanted sounds from reaching our ears. This means you get some of the benefits of noise cancellation without a reduction in audio quality.

Ultimate Ears says the UE Fits’ unique properties allow you to listen to music at a lower volume, and they’re right. In our tests, we didn’t have to crank the volume up to compete with other noises. Over time, this can help reduce the likelihood of hearing loss.

The UE Fits can last about eight hours per charge and offer an hour of music listening after spending 10 minutes in their case. The case’s battery has enough juice to offer an additional 20 hours of music playback for the UE Fits.

If you’ve had trouble finding earbuds that fit, want to reduce the risk of hearing loss, and love music, the UE Fits can’t be beaten.

Buy: UE Fits at $249

Good for workouts

Most headphones are stronger when it comes to water protection than headphones and are sturdier for water. Fitness earphones often have stabilizing fins built to help retain them. Earpads can get wet and worn at the touch of sweat however earpads aren’t designed to endure constant contact. When used as an emergency headphone some may be very fragile such that it doesn’t need a pair of headphones or sweat or something. For the best options, make sure to review our list of The Best Headphones for Running and The Best True Wireless Earbuds for Running as your reference for the top fitness-friendly ear buds and ears.

Which is the best earbud for music?

The earbuds in this collection contain multiple sets of eartips of different size. Bluetooth is convenient but streaming through Bluetooth compresses them. Noise cancellations are another convenience feature that negatively impacts sound. Battery life is key to consider if buying headphones for music. The best earphones featured in this guide last at least an hour on each charge but come with case batteries to allow you to listen even longer after a short recovery. Find a best headset for musicians at [link] & other major retailers where you can pick the best for music lovers.

Earphones vs. Earbuds

It is not an earphone because it does not enter the ear chamber. Instead they sit quietly on them where they can easily become loose and cause problems. Earphones for example fit into the mouth canal and form an internal seal around your ear, piping sound into the ear. They are much smaller and lighter than headphones but it does not need fitting on your ears nor any external support. You should look for earphones with silicone or foam eartips that form good seals into your eardrum. It is a better sound than a plastic driving device crammed under your ears.

How do I choose the best earbuds?

The best earphones need to sound extremely comfortable to wear for long periods. The headphones must be secure to your ears for adequate noise isolation. If you want an athletic-type speaker headphone you should have an IPX4 rating or greater or the most. The WF1000XM3 offers a class-leading sound as well as audio-driven and high-end technology. If you want to have high-quality audio, check out Hi-Res Audio Codecs like LDAC and aptX HD Bluetooth for stellar connectivity. If you choose wireless be sure it has the required lifetime of the battery.

Caring for your ears

Always check the included pouch or case as often as possible to protect the life of your headphones. Using these balls, kicking them into a pocket and then detangle them every time you wanted them to stop to listen is more damaging to your hearing organ than anything else. If you are shopping on a budget, look through our selection of Best Headphones Under $50 and The Best Cheap True Wireless Earbuds. For more details check out What’s the Best Way to extend the life on a Headphone If You Can use them Correctly and Eight Ways To Use it.

Video: Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds review:

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay E8 earbud were very good but underwhelming for their high price. Anker Liberty Pro is their “upscale” model with premium sound. The Liberty 3 Pro provides a well-balanced noise cancellation experience. There are large and dynamic effects in this sound with a deep, well controlled bass and a broad soundstage. They are IPX4 splashproof and provide up to six hours of battery life with noise cancellation on and up to eight hours at a chargeoff. The previous version of The Master & Dynamic MW07 plus brought top-level sound for true wireless use but were somewhat ineffective in features.

Popular on Rolling Stone

Earbuds are lightweight enough to keep you in your pocket and makes the perfect headset for video calls in a pinch. One of their knocks against them is they’re not a good choice for music lovers compared to under- or under-ear headphones. Premium audio companies have spent much time designing earbuds designed for music fans. It’s true that earbuds will sound different than over-ear ear headsets – but that doesn’t mean that they sound a lot better. Fortunately cheap earbuds are still available to buy, while premium audio providers are spending bigger amounts on developing earbuds.

1MORE Quad Driver in-ear earphones

All 7More inear headphones have been designed from the ground-up and deliver outstanding performance. The drivers 1More used were turned by Luca Bignardi, a sound engineer known for albums produced under Andrea Bocelli. Because these audio headphones are digital you can forget about the battery if they run low. This pack comes with an adapter for the entertainment systems in flight and 1/4 inch x 1/8 inch auxiliary adapters to connect the devices with a headphone amplifier or DAC. If you want an audiophile headphone for music listening then this set should be on your list.

Klipsch T5 II ANC

Klipschs T5 II ANC earbuds provide excellent audio for all. They include an active noise cancellation system so you don’t need to crank the volume to get this noise out. We liked the way these earbuds sound from the box and you can adjust their EQ to suit you preference using Klipsh’s mobile app. We can play music or listen to podcasts at very high volume throughout the day without any problems with the T5II’s battery-life. Checking the Battery Status for iPhones can be performed via the iPhone’s battery charge monitor.

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The best Earbud Deals This Week*

Wireless EARBOARDS are basically bluetooth ears with no cable connecting individual headphones. Wire-free earphones are more expensive than traditional wireless earphones. There are now several impressive pairs available in the United States under $200. There’s also true wireless earbuds that we also call wire-free, which are actually Bluetooth earphone – earring.

Which brand has the best earbuds?

All earbuds and headphones below are from brands we trust. Sony, Apple, Cambridge Audio, Jabra and Nura are good places to begin. Google has made Apple the most respected brand since Apple came out. They are one of the best ear headphones and earphones available today.

IE 900

Buy best headphones for ears and your budget. There are many different types of headphones to chose from such as wired earphones and true wireless headsets. All of the best earphones we provide below are compact, sound fantastic and are much more convenient compared to bulky over-ear headphones. Or choose something that offers both the best of both worlds with the best wireless headphones. These devices connect easily to your phone over Bluetooth but retain a strong wire around the earpiece itself which means less chance you will miss another one. The Sony WF-5001XX and the Airdnis AirPod Pro have been voted the best wireless devices in their class.

SoundSport Wireless

I love hearing them in the ears and I can use them all day when listening. Budget and Premium In-Ears also come in noise-blocking headsets and wireless headsets. There’s a pair of earphones for everyone on that list including budget and premium earphones. The best headphones are more discreet than over-ear headphones which look and feel heavy. They deliver reasonable isolation from the outside world while snug fit gives them a snug fit. The list of carefully-designed buds shows that you don’t have to spend much to gain serious sound quality. Of course, if your budget lets you try to go with cheaper shirts.

AirPods (2019)

Are wireless ear-buds good if they pass through What Hi-Fi? The testing room. . Unlike a wireless charger that has no cable to connect to a mobile phone they won’t limit movement. Another feature to expect includes noise-cancelling technology customisable touch controllers and hands-free access to Apple and Amazon products like Google Assistant and Siri. We know that we’ll have pairs that tick all those boxes and other things besides… and there’s plenty of options on the list of best earbuds to buy in 2021. We’ve found the best quality wireless headsets available today.

Reasons to avoid

Our new Sony RF1000XM4 Bluetooth speakers have one of the finest performances we had seen. Bass is tight yet textured while voice is refined. Eight hours of battery life was a best in the category. IPX4 water resistant app and Quick Attentions and Chat apps for iOS and Android use. The Integrated Processor V1 provided noise cancellation and noise freezing capabilities. Sony models of today offer both eartip noise management and touch sensitive controls.

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