The Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors for 2021

For those seeking a somewhat cheaper Apple smartphone, the older flagship Apple iPhone 11 is worth considering. While it lacks the triple-lens camera and OLED display of its more expensive or newer cousins, the iPhone 11’s combination of power, beauty, and a lower price tag makes it an alternative first-choice iPhone for many. But the iPhone 11’s beauty is a fragile thing, and it’s easy to see how the glass body and display can be scuffed, dinged, or shattered. A protective iPhone case can add plenty of protection, but the screen on its own is the most critical aspect of operation.

That’s where a dedicated iPhone screen protector comes in. Whether thin film or tough tempered glass, a good screen protector shields your iPhone screen from damage while not restricting touch sensitivity or the clarity of your display. Here are some of the best iPhone 11 screen protectors we’ve found so far.

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Speck ShieldView Glass

Speck ShieldView Glass for iPhone 11.

Here is one of the best all-round iPhone 11 screen protectors. Firstly, it’s made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, so it will defend your beloved phone against all manner of scratches and scuffs from household metal objects, including keys and knives. Its resistance is enhanced further by its oleophobic coating, so fingerprint smudges and other smears are kept to a minimum. Secondly, the protector is only 0.33mm thick, making it highly discreet and responsive. It also incorporates a low-reflection and anti-glare design, so you’ll have no problems viewing and using your phone’s screen in all conditions.

Whitestone Dome Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Whitestone Dome Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11.

They may be at the somewhat pricier end of the spectrum, but Whitestone Dome protectors really are among the best and most durable around. This one is built from tempered glass, offering full coverage as well as near-perfect transparency and responsiveness. Most impressively, its use of Whitestone’s patented LOCA technology allows it to gradually repair minor cracks on your iPhone’s screen. On top of this, it also boasts 99.99% transparency, meaning you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Urban Armor Gear Glass Screen Shield

UAG Glass Screen Shield for iPhone 11.

While this iPhone 11 screen protector from Urban Armor Gear doesn’t boast any novel features or gimmicks, it gets all the fundamentals absolutely right. Its tempered glass was specially manufactured in Japan, carrying a 9H hardness rating that indicates it can tolerate a fair amount of punishment. It also benefits from an oleophobic surface, so you’d struggle to leave unsightly fingerprints all over it. If that weren’t enough, its ultra-thin 0.2mm depth makes it highly transparent and responsive. You’d be very hard-pushed to find a better protector.

Ringke Dual Easy Film

Ringke Dual Easy Film

With Ringke’s Dual Easy Film — a full cover iPhone 11 screen protector that shields your phone’s glass from tip to tail and guards the front-facing camera lens — you can be assured that your phone will make it through your eventful day in one piece. The cover is easy to install thanks to its four-layer construction of transparent PET film, which ensures a high-resolution view. The naturally sensitive thin screen protector facilitates full use of the 6.1-inch LCD Retina display. Its auto dust removal layer clears away dust and debris from your screen before you apply the cover.

$13 from Ringke

BodyGuardz Pure 2 EyeGuard Blue Light Glass Screen Protector

BodyGuardz Pure 2 EyeGuard

If you’re looking to protect your eyesight, check out BodyGuardz’s Pure 2 EyeGuard for iPhone 11, which filters out up to 43% of harmful blue light wavelengths, shielding your vision from eye strain while at the same time safeguarding your devices from impact. Artificial blue light with wavelengths between 400 and 450 nanometers are considered the most harmful. Studies indicate that blue light may speed up macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness, by transforming certain molecules in the eye that can damage the eye’s critical photoreceptor cells.

$40 from BodyGuardz

Otterbox Alpha Glass Series Screen Protector

Otterbox alpha glass screen protector

When you pair your gorgeous iPhone 11 with the Otterbox Alpha Glass Screen protector, you get superior image quality, fully reactive touch, and anti-shatter protection. The crystal-clear OtterBox Alpha Glass is fortified with anti-shatter glass that features a surface hardness 9H to repel scratches and splinters. The ultra-thin tempered glass design has a rounded edge-to-edge contour for full-screen display protection. It’s fingerprint resistant, so you can tap and swipe while keeping your screen smudge free. The screen cover is easy to clean, quick to install, and leaves no residue when removed.

Maxboost (3-Pack) Screen Protector

Maxboost (3 Pack) Screen Protector

The Maxboost 3-Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector provides thin, powerful, case-friendly protection for your iPhone 11. Completely transparent and clear, the screen lets you view your iPhone’s Retina display unimpeded. The Maxboost is crafted with 9H screen hardness, protecting your phone from scratches and scrapes and is 100% touch accurate and haptic touch friendly. It’s a tad slightly smaller than the iPhone’s actual screen to minimize bubbles and peeling. Hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers work as the final coating to protect your screen from fingerprints, liquids, and stains.

InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector

InvisibleShield’s Glass+ screen protector is designed to provide a snug, case-friendly fit for your iPhone 11. It’s got a smooth, silky exterior for easy navigation of all the phone’s features and specializes in scratch and impact protection. The specially designed tempered glass keeps the phone’s natural screen protected while the oil-resistant and long-lasting screen repels smudges for your viewing pleasure.

Caseology Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Caseology Tempered Glass

The Caseology Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers the edge-to-edge protection of clear tempered glass with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints and smudges while at the same time giving your phone’s screen a totally natural feel. It comes in a two-pack that facilitates quick and easy application and removal. It’s designed to fit securely on your smartphone screen with no bubbles, allowing you to text, snap photos, and perform routine tasks without worrying about damaging your screen.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen is a well-known name in mobile device protective gear, so you can trust that this new iPhone 11/XR Screen Protector is up to the job. Constructed with durable tempered glass rated at 9H hardness, with an oleophobic coating for fingerprint resistance, this two-pack Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector features an easy-to-use auto-alignment installation kit for stress-free application. And if you ever want to get a case, it’s compatible with its own as well as many other case brands.

uShield Privacy Screen Protector

uShield Privacy Screen Protector

If privacy is a concern, uShield Privacy Screen Protector is the one to go for. Whether you’re viewing sensitive documents on your phone or just want privacy for online banking, this screen protector gives you a private 38-degree viewing angle and reduces screen brightness automatically. A hydrophobic and oleophobic coating protects against sweat, oil, and fingerprints for crystal-clear viewing, and there’s a scratch-resistant coating, too. This screen protector comes in a three-pack with installation frame, wet/dry wipes, and dust removal stickers for easy, bubble-free installation.

Unbreakcable Glass Screen Protector


The Unbreakcable is a tempered glass protector that shields your iPhone 11 against scuffs and scratches that can naturally occur from common items found in your pocket or purse. The cover installs without cracks or air bubbles and features 9H rated hardness. It supports 3D touch to provide optimal accuracy and has an oleophobic coating, letting you wipe off fingerprints for clear viewing. It supports Face ID with the full-coverage screen protector, and features a 2.5D curved edge cutout, which means it will not be as wide as the device’s screen. This specific design guarantees adequate protection for the entire active area of the iPhone’s display. The curved edge design also allows almost all cases to fit your iPhone. The package contains an installation kit, including a screen-alignment frame, wet and dry cloths, and dust-removal stickers.

Moshi IonGlass Privacy Glass Screen Protector

Moshi IonGlass Privacy Glass Screen Protector

While a bit on the expensive side, Moshi provides an extra dose of privacy along with its atomically strengthened screen protector because it not only protects the glass from scratches and breaks but also safeguards on-screen content from surreptitious eyeballing. A private 50-degree viewing angle prevents snoops from seeing what’s on your screen. Up to 40% thinner than generic glass screen protectors, the Moshi IonGlass Privacy Glass Screen Protector has an oleophobic coating for easily wiping away fingerprints. This privacy screen protector is ideal for anyone who uses the iPhone on the street, as well as travelers and professionals who have to view sensitive information. Unlike typical screen protectors cut from flat sheets, the IonGlass is molded to perfectly fit your phone’s screen to provide edge-to-edge coverage.

Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protection

Belkin’s Anti-Glare Screen Protector offers maximum protection and visibility. It cuts harsh reflections from sunlight and artificial lighting to facilitate viewing your screen comfortably, even in bright light. The protector’s thinness makes it light and preserves the sensitivity of the touchscreen. It not only prevents visual damage to keep your iPhone looking new, but it also preserves the touchscreen’s functionality, carries a 3H-hardness rating, and an anti-scratch coating.

iCarez Matte Screen Protector

iCarez [HD Anti Glare]

This hard-coated scratch-proof screen protector comes in a convenient three-pack. It has a hardness rating of 3H-4H and is easy to install with no bubbles. You won’t have to deal with any residue when removing your screen protector, either. Each iCarez Matte Screen Protector is made of high-definition transparency film with an antibacterial coating — which gives peace of mind given the high-touch nature of your smartphone. You’ll also be able to enjoy maximum resolution on the iPhone’s Retina display — and maintain touch sensitivity at the same time. Each screen protector features cutouts on the front so as not to interfere with your iPhone’s sensors.

Torras Diamond Hard Screen Protector

Torras Diamonds Hard

The Torras screen protector is thin at only 0.25mm, allowing for unobstructed iPhone handling, viewing, and 3D Touch use. This protector comes in a two-pack with an included easy-to-use, bubble-free installation kit. It does an excellent job of protecting your iPhone from drops and scratches thanks to its hardness rating of 9H and tempered glass coverage. You’ll barely even know that this exceptionally thin protector is there during day-to-day use.

Tethys Glass Screen Protector

TETHYS Glass Screen Protector

Tethys Glass Screen Protector protects your iPhone from edge to edge and effectively prevents damage from drops, scratches, and bumps. This clear screen has a hardness rating of 9H and provides complete coverage, including protecting the front sensor. The Tethys screen protector fits most iPhones, except for ones that have exceptionally elevated edges, like battery cases. It keeps your touchscreen fully accessible, facilitating uncompromised use of all iPhone 11 functions, buttons, and facial recognition. These protectors are available in a pack of three and come with a user manual, dry and wet wipes, a frame for guidance, and both guide and dust removal stickers.

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