The Best Live Service Games of 2021

The way games are played and experienced is rapidly changing around the world. Rather than creating games that are designed to be played for a limited period of time and then scrapped for the next, developers have increasingly leaned towards games that are frequently updated over the course of several years.

These “live games”, also known as “games as a service”, focus on building their player base over time with compelling new content releases and balance updates rather than targeting the usual gigantic audience of the first. day. While some games have been criticized for slights like oppressive microtransactions and undesirable content, others have created incredible experiences and shown consistent dedication to their fans.

Here are the Tips Clear team’s picks for the best live service games of 2021.

Apex legends

10 essential tips for Arena mode in Apex Legends

Apex legends It has undergone a great evolution in the past year (how fitting that its most recent past season was actually called Evolution). The game has gone from being one of many online Battle Royales to an outstanding experience thanks to new characters like Ash, whose story connects Appendix to the events of Titan’s Fall more deeply than ever. The game itself also received a big update in 2021 with the addition of Arenas, which brings smaller ones. Valuing-style matches the game.

Beyond the new legends and mode, developer Respawn demonstrated its commitment to the game with a new Battle Royale map at Storm Point, several new smaller maps for Arenas, new weapons, including the all-new bow, and a new category. of ammunition, and various events. each season with their own cosmetics and unlockable items.

Nothing compares to the excitement of opening a new season’s Battle Pass and seeing what new skins and extras you’ll be able to get for the next few months. Although the game has had some tough patches this year with extended server issues and connection issues, that’s simply a testament to how many people want to play the game at once. In 2021, Apex legends It proved that it will be a battle royale monster for many years to come. ~ Emily Morrow

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers review

Until the late release of Endwalker last week, Final Fantasy XIV It was in the middle of its slowest year of content releases yet. But that didn’t stop him from finally hitting it big, with a dedicated community ready and waiting to welcome an influx of new players finally ready to leave their old game behind.

Between fighting, farming, and crafting, the people of Eorzea and beyond have always created their own content. They have turned player housing into not only a planning and design business opportunity, but also cabaret clubs, theaters, impromptu concerts, and safe havens for people to express themselves and be themselves safely. They have created viral videos and comic characters like Mr. Face, and even once made magazines to highlight the craftsmanship of their community.

Even during its droughts, Final Fantasy XIV has laid the groundwork for its players to have fun for themselves in the absence of major updates. Among the typical content farm of any MMO endgame, there are chocobos breeding and racing, card tournaments, little minion MOBAs, dangerous dungeon crawls, meme-driven classes like Blue Mage, and expeditions to places like Eureka that turn the typical rules of engagement in place. head.

And then at the end, there’s a deep-seated appreciation for looking good – so much so that there’s an official magazine dedicated to how players dress their avatars. In a year where big tech has tried to exaggerate their version of the metaverse, we all know games have had them for decades, and Final Fantasy XIV still one of the best. ~ Josh Brown

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

My New Horizons character dances next to his satellite farm.

It’s been a strange year for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The cozy life simulator was all the rage when it launched in 2020 due to its launch coinciding with social blocks. Nintendo had great success on its hands and was in a great position to drive momentum with post-launch content. That did not happen as the players expected. The game received a slow trickle of updates that slowed down especially once the holidays started repeating. For most of 2021, New Horizons it had failed as a live service game.

Fortunately, the game received a major update in November that added tons of content to the game. Its 2.0 update brought several new features that convinced me to return to my island. But New HorizonsThe real secret weapon turned out to be his paid DLC. Happy home paradise It is a fantastic addition to the game and a must-have for Animal crossing players looking to expand the lifespan of the game. Design-centric secondary game is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in New Horizons and it has made me totally rethink how I decorate. While 2.0 is unlikely to hold my long-term interest, Happy Home Paradise is the exact excuse I needed to log back in. ~ Giovanni Colantonio

Call of Duty: War Zone

Operator using OTs SMG in Warzone.

Call of Duty: War Zone is a game full of little memorable moments. Moments like being one of the last teams alive, making an expertly planned play, or even something as simple as an effective call come to mind. The odds are unequivocally against you, but that’s precisely why it feels so good to be on top. War zone It is challenging and complex, with an overwhelming number of weapons and accessories to choose from, each with different stats and quirks. This gives players many things to unlock and master, with an underlying sense of experimentation and variation always at the forefront.

In 2021, developer Raven Software brought the community back when it finally struggled to fix the game’s biggest problems, while also offering more communication with its player base. This turn was one of the shining moments in War zonelife cycle, aiming for a bright future with Raven at the wheel. It’s not the easiest game to get into, especially with its overabundance of unlockables and tricky mechanics, but once you click, War zone it is immensely fun, and there is nothing like it. ~ Joseph Yaden

Genshin impact

Genshin Impact characters in front of a dragon.

Genshin impact started as a call “Breath of the wild clone ”but evolved into something bigger. Players found that its complex combat system, lovable cast of characters, and gacha mechanics fundamentally set it apart from its inspiration.

Developer Mihoyo built well beyond the game’s initial setup as of September 2020. More than 15 characters joined the roster last year, including outsider Aloy from West horizon forbidden. Mihoyo also featured regions like Dragonspine and Inazuma, and celebrated these additions with special events to engage its passionate community of players.

Players can endlessly explore the continents, experiment with characters and equipment, and even build a hideaway inside a pocket kettle. Simple additions like fishing holes have also expanded the possible adventures a player can have in Teyvat. It seems like there is always something to do (although max level players may differ).

Genshin impact It’s still an entertaining experience for hardcore casual gamers despite its heavy gameplay and questionable PR stunts (like the Elon Musk fiasco). I agree that it takes a lot of investment to really enjoy the game to its fullest. However, once you get there, the view is beautiful. ~ Jess Reyes

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