The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for a number of years, so it should come as no surprise that it has racked up a host of great RPGs. Many of them are versions of titles previously released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but others are exclusive to Nintendo’s hybrid system.

Whether you’re looking for a turn-based classic or something new with a massive open world, the handheld has it all. Here are the best RPGs on Nintendo Switch.

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Dragon that shoots fire in Skyrim.

It’s available on almost every other console out there, so why not on Switch? Graphics were affected during the migration process, but the rest of the game remains intact. Players will take on the role of the Dragonborn as they traverse the snowy landscape of Skyrim and attempt to save the world. Along the way, they can join various guilds, create a home, get married, and do just about anything they want.

It’s arguably one of the best RPGs of all time, let alone on Switch. Skyrim is loaded with over 100 hours of content. Having the ability to play on the go is a blast and is a great way to experience the latest installment in the Elder Scrolls saga.

Diablo iii

Diablo 3 players in combat.

Previously released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Diablo III finally made the leap to a Nintendo console. The demanding game performs surprisingly well on the underpowered Switch, even when things get hot with four players on the screen.

Multiplayer remains a staple in Diablo III , and you’ll be able to play cooperative games both locally and online. It is possible to use a single Jon-Con when playing co-op, but we highly recommend a Pro controller if you have one available; Trying to make precise attacks with a small controller is not the ideal way to experience the greatness of Diablo III .

Chronicles of Xenoblade (1 and 2)

Xenoblade player running through ruins.

Now that Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is available on Switch, it has become the ideal way to play through the entire series. Join Shulk and his team as they discover the origins of their world and unravel one of the best narratives available on the handheld console. It’s best to play the original before diving into the sequel; otherwise, key information needed to fully enjoy the game will be lost.

Divinity II: Pecado original

Divinity 2 player in combat.

There’s a noticeable drop in graphics quality with this port, but beyond that, you’ll still have access to hundreds of hours of classic RPG goodness. Players build their character from one of five races and 12 classes before embarking on their adventure.

Divinity II: Original Sin gives you complete freedom to explore. You can venture wherever you want and attack any NPC that gets on your nerves. Turn-based combat is reminiscent of classic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate , and it’s one of the few options Switch owners have for a game of this style.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 en Nintendo Switch.

Another great port, The Witcher III is one of the best RPGs ever made. His new home on the Switch isn’t without a few frame-rate hiccups, but Nintendo owners have already seized the opportunity to join Geralt’s latest adventure.

Embark on a journey plagued by political strife and visceral combat as Geralt is tasked with locating the Child of Prophecy, someone who has the ability to change the fate of the world. It may not be the prettiest way to experience the epic journey, but it still manages to be one of the best RPGs on the Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an elusive era

Dragon Quest player on horseback.

As long as you can get past the mediocre soundtrack, the JRPGs don’t get much better than this. The story follows an anonymous protagonist who discovers that they are something known as the Luminary, the reincarnation of an ancient hero who saved the world in times past. Now, it is up to you to do the same.

While the main story will take just over 60 hours to complete, Dragon Quest XI offers players a huge world to explore that is full of great adventures. The Switch version also packs a ton of expanded content not seen in the original and is a great entry point for those new to the series.

Pokémon sword and shield

Pikachu in a field of grass in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

We often don’t realize it, but Pokémon games are also part of the JRPG genre. They are a bit more mainstream than others in the category and are incredibly accessible to players of all ages, making them a JRPG outlier. Sword and Shield continues this legacy, while adding a ton of new content, like the open-world Wild Area.

With an expansion under its belt and another slated to launch later this year, Sword and Shield proves that Pokémon games can thrive on a home console. The story may be a bit short, but the excellent multiplayer and endgame content will keep you coming back well into 2021.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

fighting an enemy in Breath of the Wild.

It’s a lot more action-oriented than some on this list, but Breath of the Wild RPG influences can’t be ignored. Unlockable abilities, upgradeable abilities, and a variety of weapons and armor await on his latest adventure to stop the evil Calamity Ganon.

Explore Hyrule like never before, as you enter a huge open world. The main story is not linear, which means that you can choose to take on each boss in any order you see fit. Every corner of the world is begging to be explored too, with fun characters, fun side quests, and hidden secrets scattered across the landscape.

Check out our full Zelda: Breath of the Wild review.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem - Three Houses player fighting a group of enemies.

Part RPG, part strategy game, the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series was a real success upon launch. Players will spend their time teaching students at Garreg Mach Monastery before leading them in turn-based battles on the field. Be careful though: characters who die in battle are lost for the rest of the game. This feature can be disabled on lower difficulties, but it certainly adds a bit of tension to every encounter.

Three Houses looks beautiful in laptop mode, but where it really shines is on the big screen. This game features some of the biggest battles ever seen in the series, and watching them played out on a massive HD television is a feast for the eyes. RPG fans who have yet to dip their feet in the waters of Fire Emblem won’t want to miss Three Houses , as it’s the perfect introduction to the popular franchise.

Dark Souls: Remastered

Dark Souls player fighting a boss.

Prepare to launch your controller in frustration, as Dark Souls retains its crushing difficulty on the familiar console. Players will have the opportunity to experience both the main game and the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, bringing with them new locations, enemies, and a unique Arena mode for PvP. With hundreds of weapons, armor, and crafting combinations, you’ll have plenty of ways to customize your character before launching into an untimely death.

As with most Switch ports, graphical fidelity was sacrificed in the name of portability. Rest assured, this is the true Dark Souls experience, and new players will find a lot to love in this brutal title.

Octopath Traveler

Fight scene from Octopath Traveler.

One of the most innovative RPGs in years, Octopath Traveler follows eight different adventurers, each with their own story, skills, and play style. Its twisting narrative and incredible visuals may be the biggest selling points, but its tense turn-based combat system is what will keep you coming back for more.

Whether you step into the shoes of a merchant, hunt down enemies like the warrior, or sneak into the shadows like a thief, there’s a surprisingly deep story lurking below. Octopath traveler iconic art style. If you’re looking for a new game to immerse yourself in for hundreds of hours, look no further than this Square Enix masterpiece.

Valle stardew

Stardew Valley player walking through town.

As the best farming sim of all time (sorry, Harvest Moon ), it should come as no surprise that S Laterw Valley is one of the best RPGs on Switch. As you build your dilapidated farm into a bustling agricultural mecca, you’ll upgrade a variety of skills, unlock powerful new equipment, befriend the locals, and even get the chance to enjoy a bit of cooperative farming with a friend. .

Stardew Valley has amassed a wealth of content over the years and playing the game today is radically different than it was at launch. And despite all the new additions and quality of life tweaks, the game somehow managed to retain the small town charm that made it one of the most popular games of our time.

Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon

Promotional image for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl showing Trainers relaxing with their Pokémon in Amity Square.

While they aren’t perfect reimagines of the old classics, Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl are still two of the best Pokémon games available on Switch. Fans of the originals will be happy to see a variety of enhancements, in addition to a graphics overhaul, it will also benefit from auto-save, EXP sharing, and more, which make it easy to immerse yourself in the action.

Turn-based battles, gorgeous new graphics, and usual Pokémon charm add to an old-school RPG with modern flair that’s perfect for newcomers to the series or longtime trainers. If Sword And Armor wasn’t your thing, be sure to check out this revitalized classic for a burst of nostalgia.

dragon dogma

Dragon's Dogma player fighting an enemy.

Although it has a huge open world to explore, Dogma of the Dragon works surprisingly well on the Nintendo Switch. You won’t be alone on your journey either, as the game uses a unique pawn system, giving you the ability to form a powerful party before heading out to fight truly monstrous foes.

Whether you’re climbing on the back of a griffin or taking down hordes of smaller enemies, Dragon’s Dogma is a fast-paced RPG with tense, real-time action. You’ll be able to collect dozens of weapons, gear, and pawns throughout your journey, and it’s no doubt one of the biggest RPGs on Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise

A hunter fighting a great dragon.

Nominated for the Best Role Playing Game category at The Game Awards 2021, Monster Hunter Rise is the best the series has to offer on Switch. And with a sleek new wirebug mechanic, making it easy to traverse its open-world environment, Rise has enough new tricks to intrigue veteran hunters, while at the same time making its daunting game loop more accessible to newcomers. .

Hunting, gathering, and crafting are still the foundation of Augment , but there are also strange new Rampage missions that look a bit like a Tower Defense minigame. They’re a fun diversion of action, but most of the time you’ll spend wandering around in search of massive prey, hopefully with a few friends by your side.

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