The Deal of the Day: Trucker Salary Negotiation

The Deal of the Day is a deal that some may call a Trucker Salary Negotiation. There will be variations of any Deal but the basic deal always holds true. If you and a recruiter reach a verbal agreement, everyone knows that the recruiter has gotten something over the truck driver. What does the driver get?

Well, the driver may get some added perks from the company. Some will receive paid homecare a/k/a by the hour. Others will get paid by the mile to help with those long hauls. If you are going to hapen independent of a company, you will almost always get an increased hourly rate. So, on top of the increased pay, you may also get some additional benefits like health and dental.


The truck driver may also be getting some additional pay for mileage. Most companies put a limit on the amount of miles a driver can travel in a week. The driver may be able to talk to the company and negotiate an extension to reach the total miles that the trucker will be driving. Some negotiate with them on the basis of upfront payment. In addition to pay, a lot of companies are willing to pay for a hotel room, food, and fuel for the truckers.

The Deal of the Day
The Deal of the Day

A lot of the companies have a stealth hire program. The trucker is hired by the company and tested. If the company sees that the trucker is qualified for the job, then they will make it known to the truck driver. The company may even try to get him to sign an agreement with them for some period of time, so that they can watch how the truck driver will handle the trucking aspect of the job. This is a program that is usually used to try and entice drivers to work for the company.

This deal is usually for a longer period of time than most of us may be comfortable with, but it is a Cold-War era secret. The company may have secretly hired the trucker on a permanent basis, and are going to show him the door after they’ve paid him. We will never really know if the trucker was hired directly or through a recruiting company. The bottom line is that if the company wins the negotiation battle, they get to keep the driver!

5 Reasons the Employer may want to hire a truck driver:

1. If your trucking career goes the way that the company wants it to. You may get the opportunity to be the company driver if you have proven yourself a strong and reliable driver. Needless to say a company driver will be given a higher yearly salary, free room and board and a full scholarship if he or she stays with the company for a year.

2. The company may offer a personality trait that is rare with most truckers. A company driver may be genuinely kind and helpful to everyone that has been in his or her truck. There may be an element of risk assessment and this may cause some truckers to not stay in the company because the driver could potentially damage their property or their persons.

3. The company may have someday discovered a competitor that may be selling at a lower price. This may be a case of finding a needle in a haystack. At some point, the trucking company may need to lower the price they are paying for the product or service. If you are the kind of person who is loyal to the company, this may be more in your best interests than anything else. If you leave, it is not a good idea to say to the company, “See you around.” It is more advisable to say, “See you around.” I know a guy who used that strategy.

Truck Driving: A Career Littered With Benefits by Tips Clear

4. If you are offered a better salary, you may choose to take the higher salary in the interest of career advancement. Always think about the long run. You do not want to be stuck in a dead end job like an intern. If you make a career out of it, you can sell the Seniority discount and retire far ahead.

5. Above all, do not ever allow the temptation to tempted you into quitting your job. This is the evil that tempted scores of truck drivers. I have seen drivers quit low paying jobs because the career value or pay was not sufficient to support their family. The lure of having a high salary may be all one needs to get up at morning and walk out at the age of 45. A better option for you would be to start a business and use your talents and make oodles of cash. This is better for your family and your bank account.

You would be surprised how many people could use some coaching on their career selection and advancement. It is an area that is not taught at school or even at law school. If you research some good sites and you do a search for “trucking school” you will find some that have trucking companies that need coaches.

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