The features of the new Tata Sky+ Transfer #TATASkyTransfer

The features of the new Tata Sky+ Transfer #TATASkyTransfer 

Tata Sky+If we look at the positive side of the technology we will see that we are blessed with so many reimbursements. Living in this high Tec world has made us slave to it and we enjoy this slavery very much as it has made our life easy, comfortable and enjoyable too. With gadgets at our disposal soon we will be entering into E mobile which will foster more benefits into our life.

In this life which is always burdened with ample works, we search all those tits bits of entertainments which make us laugh and we forget our daily tensions and worries. Undoubtedly these tiny moments captured at odd hours definitely makes this world bliss to live within.

Life was not that enjoyable before I was acquainted with Tata sky. If I have to describe it in one line then it can none other then isko laga dala to maaza aala re aala. Being a working person I need to travel every day from Delhi to Gurgaon expressway which is always famous for seizing the traffic. Almost 4 hours are wasted in traveling, but I can’t help it and kept cribbing while sitting at the back seat of my car.

That is the time when I am so tired and want to reach home at earliest, but traffic jam has always made me angry and I tend to lose my patience. I hound and yelled at my driver and the silly people who made me stuck in the jam. No wonder my anger is passed onto my wife and kids. They all started hiding at the time of my return. Suddenly one day I saw the Tata sky+ Transfer advertisement and got fascinated by it. Record, transfer and carry your entertainment is what I urgently needed to keep myself cool and energetic in those hours of great annoyance.

I always loved to watch silly jokes cracked by Kapil Sharma in his program “comedy nights with Kapil” which I always missed due to the traffic jam. Tata sky gave me an opportunity which I didn’t want to miss. That is why I instantly opted for this option and made my life more pleasurable. Now I often think how I survived without this facility of record, transfer and carry mode of Tata Sky.

My life is transformed into much happy and contented life due to the installation of Tata sky Now, my wife, even kids they record my favorite program which I transfer onto my mobile and then in those troublesome hours, it provides me with happy time with Kapil and makes me laugh and I feel more energetic and happy. Needless to say when I return after that 8 hrs duty and 4 hours of jam, I am happier and enthusiastic fully charged to spend some happy moments with my family and kids which were earlier a misery.

Eventually along with me, my kids and wife they send a massive thanks to Tata sky which has completely changed my life.

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