The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing. The marketing on Pinterest is extremely efficient.

Marketers are able to target Pinterest users with images that are too tempting to miss. In addition, with more than 433 million users using Pinterest Why wouldn’t marketers be interested in joining the platform? In addition, 83 percent of users have bought through content they’ve found on Pinterest. How do you use Pinterest as a tool for marketing to boost your brand’s visibility and converts?

In this article we’ll provide the answer to this question along with how Pinterest functions, the best Pinterest marketing strategies to use, how small companies are able to benefit by using the site, as well as the tools can be used to ensure that your Pinterest marketing strategy is effective for your company. We’ll first go over the basics of the platform and how it functions and let’s begin.

What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online social network on which users share, explore and save images that they find useful, inspiring or enjoyable.

Users can add, or pin their favorite content onto boards that share the same theme in order to ensure it is organized so others can come across new content that matches their passions.

If you’re not yet able to open your Pinterest account, you can learn more about how to do it here. After you’ve signed up you’ll be able to start posting content and, consequently social media marketing via the platform.

To maximize the benefits of the platform, you must upload your company’s content to your device or computer Find content to pin via the website, or then add any content you discover online by clicking Pinterest‘s Pinterest web browser icon.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing

Engagement is the key. Be sure to follow the board of colleagues and competitions “Like,” and comment on the Pins of others and re-Pin (or share) contents, or also share URLs to your site and blog in your pins.

It is important to know that there are business and personal accounts available on Pinterest. A business account will grant you the access of Pinterest Analytics and other features such as the visual search tool as well as an in-built video player and the capability to create Pinterest advertisements if you wish which makes the platform perfect for marketing.

Let’s look at some Pinterest strategies for marketing that can aid you in increasing your impact and influence on your target audience.

How to use Pinterest to promote your business

  1. Disseminate your information.
  2. Create an community.
  3. Educate customers.
  4. Improve website traffic and online sales.

These strategies can be used to incorporate Pinterest to your overall marketing plans. Here are some benefits of making use of Pinterest to market.

1. Disseminate your information.

85percent of Pinners are looking for and favor visual content. This means that this makes Pinterest an extremely powerful platform to share all kinds of information, which includes blog posts. In contrast to Instagram users, they can click live hyperlinks.

On Pinterest you post posts via Pinterest boards. Boards store all of your Pins and then distribute your content to your followers to browse. You can make as numerous boards as you’d like or they could be organized by categories or ideas, plans, or other types of inspiration to allow your readers to find the information they’re looking for.

You could also invite others on your board to be part of itthat would make your board an “group board” -in case you wish to invite others to share content that they feel fits with the overall theme of your board. This is an excellent way to boost engagement and increase engagement with your page.

2. Create an community.

Online communities unite people who are similar to each other and serve as an effective hub for business.

With an active Pinterest community it is possible to depend on your followers and followers to engage through your Pinterest boards. They will read their content and eventually make their way to your site driving traffic.

There are millions who utilize Pinterest every single month. If you treat the Pinterest boards as a dual avenue that allows you to communicate with and engage with users (not as a billboard that only has one way to go) it is possible to build an enduring group of Pinterest users that could turn into customerstoo.

How to Grow Your Followers on Pinterest

While you can find and join certain friends by using their names or Facebook profile, as well as other identifiers but this takes time and makes it almost impossible to expand your audience.

Instead, you should consider these ways to increase your fan base as well as followers on Pinterest.

  • Make sure you promote your Pinterest account on the other networks you use.
  • Follow accounts that you believe will like to follow to follow you back.
  • Be aware of what your competitors are doing to grow their number of followers. You can learn from their methods.
  • Include keywords in your articles (we’ll go over these strategies in more detail in the future).
  • Request influencers to repost certain portions of your content to draw the attention of their fans.
  • You can pay for an Pinterest advertisements account so that you can allow ads to be run through the site.

3. Educate customers.

Pinterest is filled with tutorials, infographics, how tos as well as links to other educational content. Because of its tendency to use images, Pinterest is a great tool to engage and educate users.

When creating and sharing content on your Pinterest profile, and when market to the users you are targeting, make sure to keep your targeted users in your mind.

Like you’d approach developing new products, creating your brand or posting on other social media platforms It is important to make sure you’re putting out material that will appeal to your ideal customer base, your current customers and buyer personas on Pinterest.

This can be done in various methods:

  • Analyze your buyer personas in order to determine what kind of content will be the most useful and appealing to them.
  • Ask your followers and customers to provide comments on what they’d like to see from your business on Pinterest.
  • Take a look at what your competitors do well (or and not) to inspire you to find new ways to distribute your content, and make it stand out.
  • Check out the board boards for your existing customers and followers to assist in understanding your target audience and what they’re the most interested in.

4. Improve website traffic and online sales.

Pinterest as opposed to Instagram which is a social media platform, lets you connect your content on another site, namely your site. This feature lets you post both visual and written content, and also direct visitors back to your website during the process.

It’s a great supplement to your marketing because it can increase online sales also. A lot of brands utilize Pinterest to display images of their products and share information.

This board, for instance designed by the clothing brand Madewell is an inspiration for travelers and is coupled with real items they sell to get their customers enthusiastic about their brand and lifestyle and the concept of buying some clothes.

Pinterest Marketing: inspirational board from Madewell

By integrating Pinterest on your website, you’ll be able to easily drive traffic from one of your web pages directly to your Pinterest profile so your leads and customers can begin viewing your content in seconds (and hopefully follow you!).

These Pinterest widgets and buttons allow your website visitors to interact with your Pinterest page via your website and give them the ability to view and follow your profile or go directly to a specific Pin or board. The network’s widget builder helps you quickly customize, create, and add this feature to your site.

pinterest button and widget

These 9 Pinterest marketing strategies hold value for businesses of any size, in any industry. This universal approach to marketing is one reason Pinterest is such a valuable social media tool.

1. Sign up for a business account.

To market to your target audience, you should create a Pinterest business account. As mentioned, this free account provides you with access to Pinterest Analytics (which we’ll review in more detail shortly) and other handy marketing features such as a profile that clearly states you’re a business, Pinterest widgets, and Pinterest tag. If you already have a Pinterest account and want to convert it into a Pinterest business account, you can also do that without losing any of your content or work.

Note: If you’re looking to enhance your business account and run ads on Pinterest, you can do so by upgrading your account — and setting up your method of payment because this part of Pinterest is not free — to target your audience more aggressively with the help of the platform’s Ads Manager.

2. Choose the right categories for your content.

By choosing the right category for your content to be shared in, your Pins and boards will become more searchable for users looking to discover content similar to that of your business. Users can search for specific categories on Pinterest or simply go to the “Categories” section of any profile on the platform to view all content related to the topic they’re searching for.

Pinterest Marketing: looking for popular categories on Pinterest

Some of the most popular Pinterest categories include travel, health and wellness, and beauty.

3. Use unique images and videos.

Similar to other social networks, Pinterest contains a plethora of images and videos. Not only do you want to ensure you’re posting images and videos that will help you promote your brand and market your products/ services, but you’ll also want to ensure they stand out against all of the others on the platform. Otherwise, why would a user choose to follow you over your competition?

Here are some ways to ensure you’re sharing great and unique visual content on Pinterest:

  • Create and share branded videos to promote your products and company. Pinterest users watch nearly 1 billion videos per day on the platform.
  • Share images and videos that show your products in action so viewers can more easily envision themselves using them.
  • Avoid excessive blank (or white) space in your images — images with 30% less blank space in the background are pinned most.
  • Create videos between 30-90 seconds long because they’re proven to have the highest performance.
  • Create specific boards to share images of your company’s most helpful data visualizations and infographics if you have them for your audience to use as res for their businesses.

4. Leverage keywords.

By using keywords throughout your profile, posts, Pins, and boards, you’ll be more likely to organically appear in users’ feeds and searches. Keywords and phrases on Pinterest are related to specific niches being searched by users.

For example, if you sell suitcases, you might use keywords and phrases like “vacation” or “going on a trip” throughout your profile and Pins. This way, when a user searches one of those terms, your profile and images of your suitcases will appear on their feeds.

When performing keyword research on Pinterest, start by searching terms related to your niche within the platform itself.

In the image below, I searched for the term “travel” and not only found content related to that niche, but Pinterest also provided a number of related keywords at the top of the screen. This tells you what other related terms users are searching for to support your research.

Pinterest Marketing: how to perform keyword research on Pinterest

It is also possible to use an extension called Keywords Everywhere to view the volume of searches for keywords on Pinterest. This will help you determine the demand level for the terms you’re using.

Here are a few places that you can use keyword phrases on Pinterest to increase your chance of being ranked organically by searches:

  • Bio and profile
  • Pin descriptions
  • Titles for Boards
  • Board descriptions
  • Image-Alt-Text

If you opt paying for Pinterest ads, you also have the an option to make use of the keyword targeting tool on the platform to aid you in reaching your target audience with your advertisements.

5. Make sure to share your content on different social media platforms.

To increase the visibility of the visibility of your Pinterest account and content you must share your images, Pins, and videos across other channels to increase the chances of being noticed and followed. For instance, you could create your company’s Pinterest accounts through Etsy and YouTube to let your customers quickly learn about other platforms you’re using and the ways they can access more than your posts. In addition when you claim your account, it gives you access to data and analytics on all these Pins which will allow you to view which other networks your target audience is the more interested on.

You can also connect to your Pinterest page to Facebook or Google accounts to easily connect and locate friends as well as share content across all networks to speed up login across each account and back up your profile in the event that you forget or lose the password details.

6. Follow or engage with other accounts. Engage, follow, and interact with other.

If you interact and follow in a meaningful way with fellow Pinterest followers and the respective profiles it is possible to establish and keep personal connections between you and your business. This type of interaction can give your followers that they are loyal to your company that keeps them returning to your page for ideas, inspiration as well as to purchase items.

Here are four strategies to establish lasting and strong connections with your intended audience via your marketing techniques on Pinterest:

  • Keep track of new accounts from users who say or indicate that they are interested in the work you do as well as the information you share (you can search for keywords and hashtags or looking up those who are following your current followers).
  • Re-Pin, like, and leave a comment on the content your fans and followers post on social media.
  • Respond to messages that your followers post on your page to customize their experience with your profile and let them know that they are heard.
  • Create captivating posts that highlight your expertise in your field and teach your readers how to perform a task or even get them involved (in an event or giveaway as an example).

7. Use social media best practices.

When you are using Pinterest ensure that you adhere to the same social media rules that you do for other social media platforms. Examples include making sure to engage and engage your followers on a regular basis, post regularly to (and keep updating) your Pinterest account and stay clear of blatant self-promotion which feels forced and unnatural to your followers.

Furthermore, you can focus on the five top methods to increase the involvement on Pinterest.

  • Inspire your friends to use your brand name in their posts (and possibly invite them to repost their content or re-pin their content, in the event that they decide to do).
  • Give your followers an incentive , for example, a prizein exchange for them to engage and follow you. Additionally, you can make posts that showcase your product and brand.
  • Give your customers discount coupons or coupons along with information about your latest products and changes to your current products, to help keep customers returning to your site.
  • Make sure that your content is informative and valuable to your readers All content must serve a purpose or significance.

8. Review your results.

If you’re investing all your effort into advertising on Pinterest and other social media platforms, it’s safe to presume that you’ll need to make sure that your efforts are improving the conversion rate of your business and brand exposure.

You’ll need to evaluate the outcomes that you’ve gotten from your Pinterest marketing strategies to track your referral traffic, the number of engagements, leads created and any other thing you’re keen to know more about. The most effective method for doing this is via Pinterest Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics provides you with four main types of information which include:

  • Statistics about your profile as the whole.
  • Information about the number individuals who bookmark and re-pin your content.
  • Platform metrics that help you understand how users use your website on either mobile or desktop.
  • Information about your most-loved Pins.

Pinterest is a great re for Small Businesses

If you own an unprofidential company, you might be contemplating whether the time and effort into implementing Pinterest marketing strategies is worth it.

The short answer? Yes it is.

Pinterest is among the most flexible, cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available to businesses who are seeking to generate more leads, increase visitors to their sites, and build brand awareness through make it more effective to.

Furthermore, Pinterest users have the most likely to purchase of other social media user. Let’s talk about other ways that small-sized businesses, such as yours, could benefit from having an online presence on Pinterest.

Make a visual narrative.

Pinterest allows you to create a visual narrative about your business. With videos and photos it allows you to demonstrate — not inform your customers the values you hold as a business and what you’re proud of as well as who and what you’re supporting, as well as the kinds of products and services you offer.

Pinterest offers you unique and interesting ways to present your small business to users.

Make your brand more human.

Any social media will help you build a human company and lend it a character — and Pinterest isn’t an exception. With the help of Pinterest you’re able to contact directly your followers, communicate with them individually or in group chat, and support with any issues or hurdles they may encounter when conducting trade with you.

You can also let your fans and customers know the value their loyalty and business means to you by offering giveaways or videos showing your behind-the-scenes work as well as the most recent company news products, information about the product promotions, discounts, and promo coupons.

Establishing and maintaining these business-to-customer routines from the beginning creates a sense of authenticity for your brand and sets the direction for what your company will be known as and also shows your the customers how you plan to develop with them.

Feature your blog posts.

It is possible to make use of Pinterest to showcase your marketing initiatives that are inbound such as blog posts, or content offerings. For instance, you could pin a video or photo to a Pinterest board and add the to a blog posts about the visual content. This is not just a way to promote your blog’s content but can also direct traffic to your site.

to blog on pinterest

Showcase your work and demonstrate your knowledge.

Pinterest is a fantastic option for small-scale businesses to showcase your work as well as showcase your knowledge in your field. Examples include Pins featuring photos as well as videos that showcase your efforts as well as infographics or data visualizations, as well as blog posts.

Given that you may not be a household name but, this step is vital. Because as your business expands and you become popular it will be easier to be seen as an industry business leader and one that has relevant and useful content that is relevant to the people who are watching.

Bring traffic to your site.

Pinterest is a fantastic method to bring traffic to your website. This will aid your small business in generating leads and converts. You can share URLs on your profile, as well as in your boards and pins. For instance, you could opt to publish content that contains a hyperlinks to your email sign-up webpage, “About Us” page or even your blog.

Conduct market study.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool to conduct market research. It’s particularly helpful for small-sized businesses who may not have a significant following yet or have the ability to understand what their target audience’s expectations and would like to see in content.

With Pinterest it’s easy to examine what your rivals -and other companies within your field that have more experience than you -and what they’re doing. This lets you find out what strategies they’re employing on the platform and discover the results for their members. You can also examine the content that your followers pin as well as the people they’re following and engaging with.

Pinterest Marketing Tools

There are numerous tools to assist you in reaching your intended people and to engage them on Pinterest. There are three kinds of res that can assist you in this process -accounts management tools images, design and development tools, as well as followers counts and tools to grow your community.

1. Social Media Management Tools

Tools for managing social media help you schedule posts and manage your content for any social media platform, including Pinterest before actually posting it.

This way, you’ll be able to ensure that all information is distributed and shared according to plan. Tools for managing social media often also have analytics capabilities that you can utilize together along with Pinterest Analytics.

A few of the most popular platforms for social media as well as Pinterest management tools are:

  • Hootsuite lets you to plan your Pins ahead of time to gain insights into your analytics and data and track your performance on Pinterest.
  • Tailwind offers you data regarding Your Pinterest profile, as well as a reporting system to help identify what’s working well for your users, and suggestions on the best dates and times to post your Pins.
  • Sprout Social allows you to make use of a variety of tools to aid you in reaching your desired buyers and your audience via Pinterest. They include analytics for platforms engagement tools, post scheduling capabilities as well as information about the kind of content your target audience is looking for.

Pinterest has also introduced their own tool for scheduling, which allows users of businesses to plan their content through the platform.

2. Pinterest Design Image and Tools for Creation

Pinterest’s image creation and design tools let you create, modify, and create and publish professional-looking images and images to this platform (along with other social media platform as well as your own website).

If you consider that Pinterest is an online social network that lets users can find stunning, eye-catching and original pictures and videos. It’s crucial that your content is perfect to ensure you’re able to attract more fans and engage with your profile.

The three tools listed below are perfect for those who doesn’t have any experience in fields like art or graphic design but still wants to showcase distinctive and professional content on their website.

  • Canva lets you create professional-looking pictures for Pinterest with more than one million images and templates, as well as graphics and icons to pick from.
  • Pablo offers you the ability to create stunning pictures for Pinterest in less than 30 seconds using simple tools and designs.
  • PicMonkey allows you to create and edit photos and includes advanced tools for editing images like masking, mirroring and double exposure.
  • AdobeExpress provides intuitive tools and templates, as well as Photoshop-like effects to create stunning images for people with all levels of proficiency.

3. Follower Tracker and tools for Community Development

Follower counts and community growth tools on Pinterest can aid you in the promotion of your profile and your content and grow your users and followers. The three tools below were designed to assist you in doing these goals specifically using Pinterest.

  • PINGROUPIE gives you the number of followers, Pins as well as followers, users and users on various groups boards that are available on the platform, so you can decide whether or not to join and then Pin your content to it.
  • Loop88 assists you in creating sharing-friendly content they’ve found to be perfect to Pinterest in order to reach your ideal audience and increase your following.

Get Marketing Started On Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly effective marketing tool that has the potential to assist you in organically increasing brand recognition, increase sales, convert more customers, and build lasting connections with your buyers and your audience.

You can accomplish all of these goals for your business by adhering to the Pinterest marketing strategies we discussed and using the tools and res that can ensure success for your company using the platform.

Sign to create an account for business and start creating engaging and unique content to promote your business to customers and your followers on Pinterest.

This article was originally posted in the month of January, and has since been revised to ensure its completeness.

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