There is no match to homemade skin care products

Homemade skin care products

Homemade skin care products to get better use of natural res, you should think more of natural products just like me. In my childhood, I often heard people saying “Nature Inspires” I never understood the idea behind this fact, but now with age, I came to know the reality behind this truth.

No wonder nature inspires us to create new and innovative things, but the only thing is that we are too occupied in the daily work that we hardly have spare time to spend with nature. If we carefully observe life, we will realize that it is saying something to us apart from the benefits which are hidden in it.

Homemade skin care products
Homemade skin care products

Our skin is badly affected with pollutants and harmful sun rays, and it’s the eyes which start showing the early signs of aging with those saggy and wrinkled skin, and those crow feet presents a horrible sight. In our kitchen we often use egg either for making an omelet or for baking different muffins; cakes and desserts but have you known its benefits on skin and how efficiently it treats our common skin problems. Just have a look at this natural homemade skin care product which comes with the bundle of nutrients which will manage your skin problems with ease, and you may not be aware of as how to get best out of it

Egg white mask

  • Egg white possesses all those essential nutrients which your skin needs. It is not only easy to apply but will also provide you with glowing and radiant skin. The best part of this mask is that you can apply it every day and at the time which suits you the most. Take an egg white and whisk it properly with a fork till it becomes foamy form. Clean your skin and then apply this mask for 15 minutes. You will feel the tightening of the skin during this time. Wash it off with Luke warm water after 15 minutes. You will be amazed to see your glowing skin.

Lemon, honey and egg white mask

  • This combination is excellent for oily skin and problematic skin. Whisk an egg white till it’s fluffy. Add a juice of one lemon to it along with half spoon of honey. Mix it properly to form a fine paste. Apply it on your face after cleaning it properly. Leave it for 25 minutes and then wash it with Luke warm water and enjoy your radiant skin. If you feel that your skin has become dry apply moisturizer. If it’s like natural all the way, then use 3-4 drops of olive or Almond oil on your face.

Avocado and egg white mask for dry skin

  • It’s not only the oily skin where egg do wonders rather its dry skin as well which gets hydrated with this mask. Avocado full of so many healthy fats and vitamins which are good enough to hydrate, moisturize and give a smooth and supple look to your skin. Whip an egg white in a bowl. In another bowl mash avocado properly and then mix it with egg white along with little bit of yogurt. Apply this mask onto your cleaned face for 15 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water after 15 minutes. The golden rule of 3-4 drops of olive oil stands here too.

Orange, Turmeric and egg white skin lightening mask

  • Turmeric is well known for treating many ailments, and it no wonders work wonders when added onto any face mask. Mix 1 teaspoon of both orange juice and turmeric to whipped egg white. Apply on to a cleaned face for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with Luke warm water. Enjoy your radiant skin!

Makeup has always helped women folk in transforming their looks and grab envious look from other half people of the world. But in this modern era, it’s not only females who are opting for makeup, its males as well who are adopting different techniques of the composition so that they look attractive and smart. After all, they have full right to look beautiful.

Nevertheless, females are famous for makeup, as so many jokes are formed and yet ample products are available in the market which helps them take better care of their looks. Females these days are adopting new methods of makeup and adding new makeup products and accessories in their life so that they look more attractive and beautiful. Nail art is an upcoming trend which they are adopting these days. Ample accessories are being introduced in the market to beautify your small nails, but you can create your designs to startle your friends or leave them wondering, what’s the occasion?

Homemade skin care products
Homemade skin care products

Easy pattern

You can easily create a profile the way I use to do. Apply small pieces of tape onto your nails and then paint your nails. You will have beautiful designs on to your nails. Isn’t an easy and quick way to make your nails look attractive and sexy.


Do you remember your childhood when you use to splash water or color your drawing book? Follow the same procedure for painting your nails. Make sure to cover the area around your nails with a tape remove it once done with your nail art. Apply base coat on your nails and then splash different colors of your choice on to your nails to grab a unique design.

Net pattern

You must have seen that net bags offered at various outlets to carry your vegetables in it. This can act as a beautiful nail art tool. Apply nail paint on your nails then put this net on your nails and then apply nail paint of contrasting color. It will give a beautiful pattern in a minute.

Creative patterns

You are smart enough to cut different designs and shapes from reinforcement stickers. Show your talent here at your nails. Cut various shapes like a crescent, half-moon or any form of your choice from these stickers. Fix them on to your nails and apply the nail paint and then remove them. You will get eye-catching designs.

homemade skin care
homemade skin care

To make your nails look more pretty, you need to follow pedicure and manicure once every 15 days. Massage your nails with some good vitamin E cream and pull back the cuticles to have a finished and clean look of beautiful nails.

The 5 Th sense of organ, skin not only provides a covering to the body but also assist in removing toxins from the body. Toxins which make us ill and we tend to invite many problems. Our skin breathes whole day through the skin. So take good care of it and help it work efficiently by easing its process by regular massage and cleanups.

When we exercise during our workouts toxins are thrown out of the body in the form of sweating and to compensate this loss we have to drink more of water so that our body doesn’t get dried up and start showing early signs of aging. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables so that your skin gets revived. Don’t forget to stay in the sunlight during early morning as you will get Vitamin D to strengthen your bones and sun is the best of it.

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